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interested in source email: admin at

Done, please confirm you received it.

Hello. can I get a mail for source code infos too pls ? admin at

done, check inbox

for some reason the script is not working and my anti virus blocks constantly, I enabled this on AV and The script shows after the test that the proxy is not working?

Some AV like Avast or 360 Internet Security throws false positives when using socket or Inet functions on .NET aplications. Disable AV and enable a windows firewall exception when using this application. Application is not working OK because AV is blocking it.

I disabled my anti-virus Norton, and still the same result!!

send me wich proxy are you using. Software is working for me

hi can scrap proxy use for google surfing, email scraping etc.

This tool will scrap proxies in a webpage if they are in IP:PORT format. You can’t scrape emails but i can code it for you if you need it.

Does this work with both SOCKS and HTTP Proxies?

hello how many pc i can run in same time?

many as you want

Will this work with a software to copy and paste in it? Win 10 64bit pc. Thanks.

I will upload an update soon

Thank you!