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I have more than 20 errors, you can help me?


Hey Mardox, I just purchased the app and getting all kinds of errors. Can you send me the clean version thats working at info@redhatdigital.com...TKS

Hi, pre-sales question:

Can I use without problems Swift in code in an app that is coded completely in Objective C?

Hi, are you still offering any support for this app?

Hi, is this app offering any support ? The app is getting all kinds of errors and is failing to build due to it ? Is this the end of this app were you dont support it anymore ? If you have a clean version can you please update this or send it to me by email thanks, its sad to see this app drop like this as it was pretty awesome.

tons of error … Please Help

So having the same problem as everyone else.. Envato Market whats going on???

Best thing to do is get a refund, since the aurthor refuses to fix the broken files…Envato offer it once you complete the Refund Form

Any intent on updating and providing support for this code? I’m interested in buying it.

Are you still alive?