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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you very much :)

hi, are you able to use pictures inside?


Hey Hollysnails,

Turns out, you had the same shortcode within an answer as the initial shortcode. This way you create an infinite loop. That’s why you were getting the error.

It’s all working now.

Kind regards R3dRidl3

how do i get a faq toggle inside a faq? what is the shortcode for that? thanks

What you did was good, but do not create an infinite loop. Than you will be fine.

So basicly put a shortcode in an answer, but not the same as the original shortcode.

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you

Is it my iPhone or are the demos down? Would like to see in action before buying. Looks great.

Ok yes I see this over version plugin of you Faq. I like this a lot but am timid a bit from purchasing. Would you be able to provide a temporary or guest username and password so that we can try it out before making a purchase?



Will create a user foe you tomorrow. Do you have an email where i can send it to?

Just sent you an email.

Hi, before purchasing, I have some questions: 1. Is that possible to put 1 or 2 answers with shortcode in post or comment? 2. Is there any option when I put 1 FAQ to open or close? 3. Is this plugin use a lot of resources or light weight? 4. Can this plugin handle more than 1,000 FAQs?


Hello Wijoyo,

1. What do you mean by this? You just want to show 1 question / answer regardless of the category?
Is that right? At the moment that is not possible, unless you would create a seperate category for it. But this is something i definitly would want to add to the plugin.

2. Yes there is, you can see it here:

3. It doesn’t use a lot of resources. It users jQuery UI and a 3kb js file of my own. As for CSS it uses font-awesome and a standard 500 bytes CSS file. And of course the style you would create wich would be around 3kb too, so very light weight.

4. It should handle that without any problem. The plugin uses custom post types, wich are native to WordPress.

Another question, I have tried the demo on the search functionality. Is that possible also to search both title of question and also the content / answer thanks

At the moment this is not possble, I will consider adding this in the new year.

Hi, the plugin is hiding the admin menu of the original ACF plugin previously installed. As far as I have seen , it is using an internal copy of this plugin as framework but this copy is hiding original ACF admin menu . Any way to recover it? Thanks.

Hey, yes there is. Since I use it in a plugin I have to disable the menu’s (Orders of Elliot).

Just send me FTP login via email and I will create a fix, wich I will than implement in an update.

Kind regards R3dRidl3

Great, works well, saved me loads of time. thank you

Thabk you for the nice reply

same problem as viaminds above—plugin is hiding the admin menu of the ACF plugin previously installed, and/or installing ACF throws ‘class already defined error’

please can you offer fix?

thank you

Hello Silverdarling,

I fixed the issue on your server.

Kind regard R3dRidl3

that was quick! thankyou. maybe an idea to flag this problem before sale?

I am working on a solid fix. Which will be done this week, so no worries :)


I am sorry but I don’t know why, the plugin doesn’t work.

I use the shortcode in my tools bar, but nothing happend.

Thanks for your answer.

Happy easter

Did you manage to fix it? I will be happy to help.

My purchase code is [removed]

I am getting warning during create FAQ questions. Warning message is Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sainet/public_html/helix/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-faq/aio-faq-post-types.php on line 96

Kindly help me resolve this issue asap.

You may check screenshoat at http://sainfoinc.in/Capture.PNG

Just an little error, fixed it in an update. Needs to get approval of Codecanyon.

If you want I can send you the updated version if you send me an email to dennis@grootde.tweak.nl

Kind regards R3dRidl3

Mistakenly i mentioned my purchase code publicly. Is it safe? How can i remove it?

Contact the Envato staff.

Why i am not getting proper demo layout of FAQ styles at http://sainfoinc.com/faq

I am using shortcode

aios_faq_shortcode collapsible=true faq_style=style-1.css

Still i have same issue. I am using updated plugin’s code and WP. Still i have same issue,

See your mails for further information please.

All your issues should be fixed now.

I received instant support from this plugin’s author. I am surprise to see his continue responses on SUNDAY. I have bough so many plugins and theme from CodeCanyon. But never have seen this kind of spontaneous support. Thanks! I will wait for more useful products launched by you at CodeCanyon.

Thank you for the kind response

Hi! Your “Live Preview” does not work! It shows only the shortcodes but no results. You may want to fix this… ;-) Best, Andreas

Thank you, works again :)

Is it not possible to have pagination in subfaqs or parent faqs? There must be option to choose desire number of faqs / subfaqs for user friendly purpose.


No this is not possible, im sorry. But you could try to use owl carousel 2 to try and achive this

I tried a lot own carousel. But not succeed.

Hope all the mails helped you out :)

I just bought and installed your plugin. I’m trying to set it up but when I create a “Question” or “Question Style” and hit “Publish” it just shows the loading wheel and it never publishes.

Any ideas?

Hm it could be a JS error. Can you send me WP login so I can check?

hello, i installed this plugin and i et this error on my admin panel Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home1/holly/public_html/truenew/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/vendors/plugins/acf/shortcode.php on line 13

im using it on here http://truenew.webcandywebsites.com/index.php/product/black-sequined-short-modest-dress/

Admin Area:http://truenew.webcandywebsites.com/wp-admin Username: admintrendy Password: YgKFxNDY!@XfgXdhkTREbO

dukan theme – and for some reason on android phone the TM logo icon marks inside the tabs are turning blue on cell phone, but not on my iphone.

my email is hollysnails1@msn.com

thank you

this is causing fatal errors in my grid builder in visual composer, is there a fix for this?

Will look at it in afew hours

Hey i changed the file from wich gave the error. Little coding fault in VC. they don’t check if the $fields is there.

TM logo i don’t know about. Looks like something the mobile does.

Is it possible to have sub-categories opened only when the main category is opened. For example if we have categories by country names. Then when we click on USA we can only then see sub-categories which will be states’ names?

Hm can you build an example of the structure? I think it should be possible.

I have sent you an email please.

Hello zconsulting, I will look at your email tonight.