Discussion on All in One Carousel for WordPress

Discussion on All in One Carousel for WordPress

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I just purchased your all in one carousel and not working ??

Hello, can I use a custom buttons to go to a specific slide?

which buttons?

not work buttom for upload photos (photo carousel) !!

please send me link.

Do you support RTL ?

RTL not support.

Sorry, gonna be annoying and ask the same question on here as I did on the VC Add On page -

Hi quick question, I have a WordPress website that has a theme currently built using visual composer. If I wanted the All in one carousel, do I need to buy the WordPress plugin or VC Add on?

both plugin working with your site. but if your theme is build with VC so best is VC Addon.

The link is in my post above. As I said, this messages appears in the error log of the server

Hi saragna, I have another issue: After installing the carousel plugin, my webserver is starting to log a LOT of error messages caused by your plugin. If you need, I can send you error log, the erros looks all like: PHP Deprecated: Non-static method swp_carou_class_grid::createTable() should not be called statically in …/wp-content/plugins/wp-all-in-one-carousel/inc/admin_class.php on line 59


PHP Notice: Undefined index: dexcerpt in /..../wp-content/plugins/wp-all-in-one-carousel/inc/post-carousel-shortcode.php on line 25, referer: and so on…

What exactly is going wrong here? Can you please fix this?

Hey, whats about my issue?? Ignoring it is not what I call “support”

please send me link where are you found this error.

I can send you the log file including all messages but I need an email for this

Hi, I want to change the typography of the carousel title so it fits into the rest of my pages, is this possible anyhow?

what you want? please send me screenshot and your site link.

Which part of my question did you not understand? On my site ( I am using a specific font and specific sizes e.g for title or block headers and so on. If I define a carousel for example, I can define a title for it also – but I found no possibility to edit the font and/or size of this title. Another possibility may be to leave the “title” empty and use an own title directly on my page – but then no one of my carousles will have a title at all which makes them hard to manage in the backend. Can you make an option to “hide” the title of a carousel? That would solve the problem.

font change possible using custom css.


Does your plugin supports LIVE YouTube videos?

yes this plugin support live Youtube Video.

This is great plug-in. I want to show only specific categories from post. Is it possible to select categories from the post categories?

Thanks for your prompt response. I can see “POST TYPE” . Under that ” Filter output by posts categories, enter category ID here. if you add ”-” exlude category id.each category add comma 1,4,-5” I can’t find a category ID. It will be “slug” how can I find “category ID”. please advise me.

please check your site i have setup plugin.

Thank you so much!!! Great Support!!

Hi there, I bought the plugin and correctly had it working. But there is one thing that doesn’t work.

I’ve created an ‘Anything HTML Carousel’ but it looks but it looks like any type of click on carousel content is disabled or overridden.

I’m trying to create a carousel of pictures and when I click on them, a light box appear with a video.

is this achievable?

There seems to be a conflict between this plugin and Social Stream for WordPress With Carousel. If I deactivate that plugin then you plugin works. What can we do to get it working? I added the short code to this page.

saragna, I need your prompt reply, please. I purchased your plugin and I’m on a deadline to get it completed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your support before. However, I’m having another issue that I need you to address asap.

The carousel does display but their navigation is missing. And even though I have it set to only display 3 posts at a time, it is displaying all of them. You can see that the 4th one is outside the grid.

Please let me know what we need to do to fix this problem.

Its been 3 days and no response?

Hello, I just purchased All in One Carousel for WordPress, but once installed, I have significant errors “502 Bas Gateway” (Nginx) on pages where I place a Carousel (under WordPress 4.6.1). When I disable the plugin, this tragic error disappears. It’s unusable in this state. A solution ? What worries me is that the plugin looks a little standbye. Thank you for an answer.

No, Saragna, my site is in prudction, and it is not a test site with access I give each plugin developer problematic.

“502 Bad Gateway” is a serious mistake, and I think your plugin is more or less incompatible with the latest version of WordPress. I have over forty plugins, and I can not afford what you ask, especially for a “Premium” plugin.

I set All in One Carousel for WordPress and configure a carousel, and I have an error 502 on that page. I disable your plugin, the page works without carousel (shortcode is visible), but it works.

My site runs like clockwork (on a dedicated server), and I have no intention of breaking it.

Another issue or way of acting? Thanks.


Wow, I just re-test, it’s amazing!

On a dedicated server under Debian Jessie, with Nginx 1.6.2 (not Apache) and PHP-FPM 5.6.24… (My production environment)

A site in WordPress 4.6.1, which runs perfectly, with a Premium theme and 41 plugins… A real clock!

I installed “All in One Carousel for WordPress” and I create a carousel (OK in the backoffice). Then a page with the shortcode.

Displaying this page -> “502 Bad Gateway” !!!

I disable ALL plugins except yours -> “502 Bad Gateway” !!!

I pass a basic WP theme (Twenty Fifteen) -> “502 Bad Gateway” !!!

I disable “All in One Carousel for WordPress” -> Page appears with the shortcode in the clear.

In short, I had never seen that!

What do I do with this plugin “premium” (purchased) completely unusable for me???

Cool, the “support” (absent) for a plugin “Pemium” duly paid and completely unusable for me.

What do I do ? I request the refund, finally, if possible?

Second custom Envato/CodeCanyon and it does not reassure me :-/

Hi, Great plugin. The only problem I have is you only have access to as an Admin, how can I give access to the plugin to a Editor on my site? Thanks.

Don’t worry, I change it from ‘manage_options’ to ‘edit_pages’ and it’s now working with ‘Editor’ roles.

Is it possible to replicate the slider you see here (http:// www. pricesanond. com/ the custom categories slider in the left bottom, not the main image slider) using this plugin?

It shows the latest post from each category of the site …

Thanks in advance.

Hi, ibought your plugin, good job. but image coursal when click on image i want open image big size, how can i do this.


Hi, if I want to change the background color (black) of carousel where are display a title of the recipes, where I have modify the code ?


please send me your site link where are you setup this plugin.

The site is in maintenance mode and only mode for view it, is logged in. The site is:

I have installed the slider with the carousel html option. For some reason it is displaying only 2 “content” items at a time on a regular sized screen, although I have it set to display up to 5 items.

Similarly, I have it set to display 1 item on a mobile device, but it shows only a blank background when it loads and I must scroll a number of times to get to the first image, as well as between images.

If you could point me in the right direction to what might be causing this problem, I would appreciate it.

please send me your site link. where are you setup this plugin. This is my staging site while I test out features. The slider is almost halfway down the page. Thanks.

Would you be able to tell me how to correct this problem?

Hello . I have not used Featured Images . Like automatic first post photos, used . Is it possible? thank you


I just purchased your all in one carousel and the navigation arrow buttons are getting cut of at the width of my website homepage

Your plugin is supposed to look like your example right “out of the box” with no special coding or customization. Please support your plugin or I will return it and give a bad rating.

hi godspureheart.

my image carousel container width is 980px and your container width is full is screen. so this problem getting.

Can you add a lightbox like the carousel on at the bottom of this page?


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