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Looks good. Best wishes for the sales. DCSF

Thank You !

Good software with nice interface. A few things I need but it’s not here: 1. Product variation 2. Subscription payment

What are the payment option currently accepted?

within 2 weeks.

A few more suggestions: 1. Different variation should be able to price differently. 2. Product category. 3. More payment options + subscription.

thank you for your suggestion ! I will add these on next update. Can you please explain what type of subscription you mean here. Thank You !

Nice script, from where are you? country?

Thank you, I am from Bangladesh.

gud , i am from Pakistan, this is your first script? how it approve? can you plz tell me on message not on comment? it approve first time, or first time rejected, me waiting your ans.

This is very close to what i need.. a few suggestions:

1. You should be able to add a Tax Rate to all orders (very useful in Mexico) 2. An easy way for translation

Thank you for your suggestions. I will add these option in next update.

Hello, Is it possible for clients to see posts made by the admin in the noticeboard app? So the admin could publish some news and customers to see. Can it be translated?

Regards, Tai

Hi Tai, Yes it is possible for clients to see the posts made by admin like noticeboard design, translation possible also, will add these option on the next update. Thank You !

Thank You

hello are your system have RTL support and hebrew localization?

Hi currently dont have RTL support will integrate on the upcoming update, hebrew localization not integrated yet.

Which Laravel version is used in this project?

Laravel 5.3

Upgraded already to laravel 5.4, Thank You :)

Hi! in Spanish? Not? How change language?

Hi, Currently don’t have Spanish language support.

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hi @sumit, please stop commenting here, if you need more features you can email me or taking app support for additional features. thank you :)

These are just suggestions.. as you have asked. .

You shouldn’t be rude

I am not being rude, can you please check the system now. Now integrated system update. Upgraded to Laravel 5.4

Can people reply to the tickets and its logged inside the system? Are payments sent automatically from the system?

Hi @bigbankclub, As ticketing system if an admin user create a new ticket, then client can reply answer of the ticket from client panel. Same for If client create a new ticket then Admin can reply ticket from admin panel. All conversation history store in the system. A message also send to client when reply a ticket. For payment: You should have to set your account’s Paypal api key/secret, same for stripe. Then if a client pay you via paypal/stripe then you will get payment automatically in your paypal/stripe account. Thank You

Good job. I got error when trying to open a ticket in Arabic: https://gyazo.com/91e45d3f32efe66ede7d9eedc6016703

Hi @Mak3000, I have fixed this issue, Can you please try now. Sorry for late reply. thank you :)

Sorry to say that, but the script has lot of bugs, here is another error when trying to add Recurring https://gyazo.com/929c9dd0e16ccff70188b983bcfa0eea
and the same when adding normal invoice https://gyazo.com/d5bd9974b8fdfcf6d60d21badc96612a

Hi @Mak3000, Thanks for inform me. I have fixed these issues also – you should try now. Don’t worry, you always get support for any type of bugs or errors. :) Thanks Again

Thinking about a purchase, but so many sql errors on your demo. We will wait for a stable demo.

Now integrated system update. Upgraded to Laravel 5.4 – can you please have a look now. thank you :)

Just had a very quick look at adding a new order to an existing customer and got an error straight away after submitting to do with promise.php. Email me if you need testing as messaging here is not good for potential customers.

Fixed, Seems work fine now. I have send you an email.


drsucu Purchased

is it possible to add “ccnow” payment gateway? can I add it, if I buy this script, or should it be arranged by you?

Yes, it’s possible/should be arranged by me to add CCNow payment gateway although it’s not provide direct api library. But they have option to add their payment gateway anywhere. They described their gateway adding option here: https://www.ccnow.com/resources/documentation/transaction-post-api thank You :)

drsucu Purchased

Thank you for quick answer, so could I do it by adding these information to your script, or will you do it?

Yes, of course you can do yourself, if you want to add this gateway by me – then I can help also. thank You :)

Hi There.

Finally i decided to buy this apps, beautiful design, easy to use and powerful module and Great support. Keep it your support like this. Awesome.


“This is very close to what i need.. a few suggestions:

1. You should be able to add a Tax Rate to all orders (very useful in Mexico) 2. An easy way for translation”

I Need exactly the same features. Please let me know if it possible.

Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, it’s possible to add text rate and translation. You have to make sure following things: 1. Tax Rate would be fixed or depend on price ? 2. Text Rate would changeable or fixed ? 3. Translation for full system or only for content ?

thanks again :)

The Tax Rate will always be 12% of price in my country. Translation is needed for the whole system. I would gladly provide the translation document.

Yest it’s possible, will integrate 2 types of text rating system on next update, one fixed and next one dynamic. For translation, please provide/email me the translation document. Thank You :)

hi is it possible to integrate whm with your script?

I think you are talking about custom payment method, yes customer can choose custom payment method and he can pay manually also. then you can update pending invoice as paid.

Ok how do link hosting product to my main website?

In that case there have 2 option. 1. Create a menu in your website name as “Hosting Package” then link that menu to this script’s product page. 2. Create a hosting package page in your website and link up buy now button to script’s created particular hosting service list. hope you understood already, thank you :)

Hi I’ve already contacted you for the other plugin and for that I would have the same questions and are: - we are making this portal www.t2e.tech and I would like every consultant to manage his CRM, is it possible? - Is the data stored in mysql database? - Is it possible to associate service customers with periodic fees? - can you import customers, invoices?

thank you marcello


W3BD Author

Hi, 1. Yes, it’s possible to manage. 2. Yes, data store in mysql database. 3. Yes, it’s possible to associate service customers with periodic fees 4. Also possible import customers and invoice. Thank You for asking these question :)

Sorry, if I understand if I have 5 registered users I can give everyone a crm where they manage their customers, services, ect, ...


W3BD Author

You should have to use partially these application. Like you have CRM with 5 registered user, you also have to create 5 TMP register user. I mean auth/login – these are not same for both. You have to login 2 times on 2 separate application. Only for the reason – 1. Laravel PHP framework Application, 2. Wordpress System Plugin. If you want to definitely use in a same system then – have to build up task management system in CRM, that would be more tasks for you :( . I hope you understand clearly. Thank You ! :)