All in One Business/Invoice Management System Software (CRM With Material Design)

All in One Business/Invoice Management System Software (CRM With Material Design)

Client Relationship Management Software based on PHP Laravel Framework and Google Material Design. Host the application on your own website or in house server.

----- CRM Version 1.6.1 ------
1. Improved tinymce Image/Video upload functionality
2. Adding a new product and Updating an existing product features 
3. Recurring invoice issue fixed.

----- CRM Version 1.6 -------
1. Internal upgrade
2. Paypal payment method issue solved for go live
3. Forgot Password issue solved
4. Creating invoice and Recurring invoice issue Fixed

----- CRM Version 1.5 -------
* Administrator Features Updated
* Product Category features updated

---- CRM Version 1.4 ----------
1. Core Update
2. Laravel 5.4 integration

---- CRM Version 1.3 --------
1. Added attachment features for ticketing system
2. Different language issues fixed for article, ticketing system, noticeboard and other text places.
3. Sending Bulk Email fixed for contact/client group
4. New ticket status option optimized
5. Added reference number for invoice to more specified
6. Transaction entries functionality improved

---- CRM Version 1.2 --------
1. Major updates
2. Issue Fixed for Paypal Payment Method
3. Added Stripe Payment Method
4. Security Update
5. Added noticeboard for client dashboard also.
6. Updated Payment Gateways
7. Fixed datatable icon for different browser
8. Added Product/Service Variation

Complete Software for Online Businesses!

  • Client Management
  • Billing
  • Support Solutions for online businesses
  • Accounting Management
  • Products/Services and Order Management
  • Todo Application
  • Noticeboard Application
  • Bulk Email Features
  • Ticketing Features
  • Invoice Management
  • Responsive Datatable
  • Export Data with csv, excel etc.
  • Download/Export pdf Invoice
  • Responsive Design For Desktop/Mobile/Tablet
  • Fast and LightWeight
  • Ready for both(Development/Production)

CRM Features

CRM Features