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Dear All greetings we are interested in your system but we one to know if you could provide us with some modification on it such as - RTL support because the Arabic language is what we use - We need the system to work on a local drive and sync with the system online on the hosted server due to the situation in our country now days the internet is not reliable and we could set a numbering and items number so that the data won’t conflict !! what i mean if some one is adding lets say a new item when the internet is off and at the same time someone is using the system online adding another item under the same category most likely the system on the both sides will issue the same number so form my point of view we could ad may be OL to items number when the system is off line - the system needs to count the items price average ,, when adding a new item with its price under the same category the pice mite vary from day to day so we need the invoice when distributing the item to count the average between all the item category price

please let us know if this is possible and how long would it take to be finished and your fees thanks alot

I have tried testing the Demo that has been provided so far it doesn’t allow login as a clients any who knows what the problem is?

Dear bdinfosys, i found that admin demo page unable to access. would you able to make it available?

hello how to set the email i try to reset password but in my email as i try there is no reset password email by the system.. please need some help


Hello. I really like your product and maybe i will buy it. But only one but very important. Can i add products with date expired? For example, i want a service “1 year technical support”, so if a user buy it, he see in his account |1 year support|price 79usd|Expire 30/11/2017|

demo is not working


8088Y Purchased

all is working , there is two different login, one for customers, and one for admin only. /bmsapp/ for client, AND /manage/ for admin. hope it help. Its work for me.

Admin Portal Demo URL:

Username: admin Password: 123456

Client Portal Demo URL:

Username: Password: 123456

unable to login to the client demo

there is no update since last one year – will there be any update soon – i would like to buy but i see lot of unanswered comments here – so bit worried whether to buy it or not.

How can i add payumoney or Instamojo payment gateway in the place of PayPal in your system?

Hey, you still active ? :=) i hope so

Hello, we are active now. Thanks.

I’d like to use your script, but it seems there are some errors, can you fix it, or you are not here?

Hi do you have a C# or Desktop Version with source code? or Source code? Thanks!

demo error 404

Hello, demo is working now.

its abandoned….dont buy..

Hello, we have started supporting the item. Thanks.

Demo is working fine now. Thanks.

image link in description broken are this product maintained or dead

demo is NOT working!!!

bdinfosys: are you kidding with this script? The demo not work and no update from long time, i think is a dead project.