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after few click crash app http://prnt.sc/dihg8w and no support arabic http://prnt.sc/dihg06

Not show me

send to Dotson ali

not working youtube video for me :( video dont play (ocurred error)

OK send me code via mail I will check it and let you know

add me on skype marcorochadev please


I downloaded the demo apk, but there is no content.

Demo apk isbnot working because my server is crash

I bought your app. How can I remove admob banners?

Contact on mail

What is your email

i will buy when you update it …. for now it is not worthless!!!

Please contact on mail- ayanslab@gmail.com

Email Sent!


App and admin panel support Bulgarian language?

Yes after buy contact on mail

Okay. Thanks


how i can control my app and upload new video and new image ?

but how i can upload the images and video ????

i have to put the script in web site or what ????

You can add images with live URL no video


kirit98 Purchased

Admin panel show invalid username password. I sent massages on your skype and sent email but no response from you. please solve this

Also reply on mail


kirit98 Purchased




kirit98 Purchased

reply to my skype messages


kirit98 Purchased

Good support


Is it possible to change the interval at which the splash screen occurs..??

Yes its possible contact on mail.

Hi, I’ve been uploading a new video to the panel in my app. No more video in app

Have you add properly add video

Yes. I copied the YouTube URL and pasted it. I also added a direct video to the server. Does not load video in app

Have you chage server URL in your code

r u still provide support?

No user upload system and no any notification

are you planing to add push notification system ?

Now not

when i add photo video or jokes insted of showing on the top its showing last new added photos showing on the buttom recent added photo jokes videos should be showing on the top can u help me how to resolve this

Please contact on mail.

I was just checking apk….it is sharing text and pics and videos…....but i want it to share link to playstore of my app along with text , image and video…..will it be done in it

Reply on mail

I have mailed you


I want to buy this app but I want to ask can I make more than one app by using this code source and upload it to my google play without any problem ???! If yes please tell me how ?

Yes you can upload it on play store

So ir doesnt matter that I use the same source code?

You can use it same code

Hi Bought the script a while back and now setting it up. I am using cPanel for my hosting and copied all the php code file into the public_html/www folder, and created a database and imported the database from the db folder. However, the admin panel is still not working. Could you please help me out. Thanks

Contact on mail

is it android studio project or eclipse project?


I have sent you the email please check and revert back.