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Hi, any update on my ticket? I already provided the admin login.

Hi Sorry for our delayed response. Our support team has responded to your ticket. Please check

Hi, do you plan to update this plugin soon? We are interested in purchasing but we see there has been not update since May 2018..not good. thanks!

Hi we do not have any update planned yet. If we find any bug then we will fix and push an update.

Please reply to my support ticket from 3 weeks ago…

Hi sorry for our delayed response. Please check the response on your support ticket.

Please respond to my new support ticket. Its urgent.

Hi Please keep communicating with our on the support portal


Would this plugin work on Pages rather than Posts?

Hi, Yes it should work. But my opinion is to use custom post type for that. You can create custom post type using our free reuse wordpress builder plugin. It will help you to create custom post types easily.

Thanks I might try that.

can i add a rating system where i make a system where people login rate custom fields and then i display the rating of the custom field for comparison , basicaly i am comparing websites based on custom fields and ratings

Hey, if your rating value is like float type data, then you can display rating data. e.g. 4.55 then it can show star icons for that. There is a settings in the backend builder for that.

can i compare gravity form entries ? i have three different forms i’ll like to compare the entries is this possible i am using front end preview for gravity

Hi if the data is in array format then it will not work. data have to be in key value format as string

one last question does the comparison table auto update if values are changes ?

Hi yes, comparison tables are updated accordingly.

Hello, could I please get a reply to my open tickets on RedQ? The number is #2317759.

Hi sorry for our delayed response and please check the response on your support ticket.

how do i keep the custom name field along side the entries , iv manage to use this with gravity form meta keys but it only shows the imput value and not the text here is an example,83,85 , i want the place hold field to show along side the value , how do i do that ?

okay finnaly got it to work , iam using regular post type is there away to show comparison table based on category , becasue i want to show diffrent tables for different categories

or can the alike shorcode view be midified to show only specifc categories

hey, sorry you can show different comparison table for different post types. You can create multiple post type and design multiple comparison table design. We don’t have support for category based template.

how can i customize the look of the comparison table ?

customize means you want to change the design. Then only options to change the design is to add custom css files to your theme settings panel.

No update in 2 years. Is still working and will come update?

Hi yes our plugin is still working and at present we do not have any new feature or bug fix hence there is no update for a while.

how hard is it to make a progress bar instead of stars ?

need to create another show fields for that. its a bit tricky. why and where you want to show the progress bar instead of the stars?

Can u send me the code or how to do it , my client prefer progress bar stars not professional in his opinion

do you have design example? send us example link or screen short the design you look for. and please open a support ticket instead of here.

Hello Reqteam, could you reply the #2360272 ticket ? thanks

Hi Sorry for our delayed response. We have responded to your ticket. Please check and keep communicating with us via support portal.

Hi Can we integrate this on wordpress page using a shortcode? or Will this only works on Wordpress post? And any trial version that we can download to test it on our website? Thinking of buying it but we want to make sure that it works that way we want it in our site as you guys don’t offer refund.

Hey, the plugin name states it I guess, custom post comparison rather than page comparison. we don’t have any trial version. please check our demo properly and see the docs and videos to get the idea how this works. thanks.

I Have Just purchased the plugin and it’s not working properly. Looks like it’s not compatible with WP 5.4 as it wasn’t updated since 2018. I don’t want to submit a support ticket because many people here say it will be a waste of time and the support take so much time to reply. I need a clear answer, please. Does this plugin compatible with WP 5.4 or Not?

I Have Just purchased the plugin and it’s not working properly. can you tell us in details with our support forum. also provide screenshots or videos to describe the problems you are facing. Also give us your wp-admin and ftp access we may need to look into your live server to investigate the issues.


i have a very long compare tables can i distribute my individual table with accordions

Hi Unfortunately that is not possible via our plugin.


I use your plugin 1 month ago. I set it up and everything was working fine. i just do the last update wordpress and now i can’t edit Post type in Alike plugin. thanks

Hi can you please open a support ticket with relevant screenshots.

i do it


amsoUG Purchased

Hey, am using Post Type Builder to build custom posts. However, they cannot be selected under post types in the new plugin but show in the old plugin. What could be the issue?

Hi can you please open a support ticket with relevant screenshots so that our team can assist you.


amsoUG Purchased

No worries, we were able to fix this.

Hi Glad to hear that you have been able to resolve the issue. If you have any further issue please do let us know on support portal

I’m still waiting for your response:ticket #2455728

Hi our support team responds to the tickets on queuing basis. Please bear with us our team will respond to your ticket and provide you with solution.