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Hi can you give me a hand, just installed your plugin and its not showing up within my post type when I put [alike_link]. It works within a post or page but not my post type. Would you be able to take a look?

open a support ticket:


griva Purchased

Hi, i have a problem.

I try to add a widget alike, but show me the message: PHP Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /wp-content/plugins/alike/alike-templates/shortcodes/alike-widget.php on line 4

Could you help me please?

Hi, I need to check it onto your server. Can you provide your wp-admin and ftp access? Please open a support ticket in our support forum: give all of your information there in private ticket.


Reordering rows and sets isn’t possible anymore after january 2018 update.

Hi, Checking. We must solve it in our next update. It will be next week. Till then use the older version. Thanks.

Could you please send me version 2.0.3. The latest version makes it a total mess.

Hi, Can you mention the issues in our latest update? If there is any bug we must solve that. Thanks. If you need the older version open a support ticket:


vahdet Purchased


No thumbnails show up when I add a post to compare basket. And close / remove button doesn’t work when I click (x). So post keeps stay at the basket unless I click “remove all”. Users can’t seem to remove single post from the basket.

And I’m using ACF PRO, no meta key values pulled / shown on the comparison page. Can you please have a look the tickets I’ve created? Thanks.

let’s talk in ticksy.

Hi, I have some few questions before I buy it.

1) Can I add only one comparison table based on a specific post type or taxonomy or I can add multiple comparison tables for different post type and taxonomies ? For Example:- suppose I have 2 custom post types i.e. Movies & Books, so I can only create the comparison table for only one of those post time at a time on my site or I can add comparison tables for both Movies and Books type, at the same time. 2) Can I change the comparison procedure such as, comparing the items by adding them one by one. Can I able do something like this in this following site

And 3) All the tables will be dynamic type or static type means I have to pre-create all the tables or it will pull and display the data dynamically after clicking on the compare button ??

please clarify the above, so that I can go ahead with the purchase.


Hello bapun26,
You can take screenshots via Lightshot chrome extension or their app to take screenshots. Just copy+paste the link here. It will works.
Regards Sam

Hi, It would be more intuitive if the comparison interface should designed like this instead of adding the items to the compare basket like this

And one more query, instead of post type, can I compare different custom taxonomies ? FOR EXAMPLE- Inside the custom post type “CAR” I have one taxonomy called CAR TYPE and inside that there are some child taxonomies like DIESEL Engine type and PETROL engine type. So if I want to compare two or three DIESEL Engine type cars, can I able to do that ??

Please clarify.


Hello bapun26,
This comparison view panel can be achieved. But it will requires a complete modification work in the front end. Thanks for your understanding.
Regards Sam

hi i bought the item yesterday and i follow the documentation but when i click compare bottom not dirct me to any page and when i go to alike-preview page the posts there but still white page and i choosed set and row to preview

Hi ahmed_1902011,
Our support guy contact with you via ticksy. Please check the email. Thanks for your cooperation.
Regards Sam

thx man

Hi ahmed_1902011,
Our dev guy contact with you via ticksy. Please check. :)
Regards Sam

Hi. Can i compare listings within a directory plugin?

Yes, you can. Thanks

Thanks. The directory plugin we are using is geo directory. Confirm that alike will work with it to compare its listings.

If it’s using custom post type then you can do it.