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you just can’t purchase a product and ask for a refund. There are criteria we must follow to make the communication better and give the product a better response. We have our online documentation, video tutorials in our item details page which you can check before purchasing the product. and if a customer has trouble we have our support site where you can ask for help about your issues. And if there the support team can’t help then our developer update the product to meet the requirement if possible. We follow this approach.

Thank you for your understanding.

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best of luck

hello dear I have purchased installed and activated plugin

but once I put widget in side bar in any page of my website…that page doesnot load and stucked in between.. and its not working..can you pls help in it

I replied to ticket as well kindly can you update the time there as I am just waiting for your reply and project will be closed than.. appreciate your hard work thanks

yooo thanks for support on email and ticket system… God bless you team redq…2.0 is amazing

Welcome. Really appreciate it.

Hi guys, something goes terribly wrong after updating to version 2.0. Before opening a ticket I want to investigate myself what’s going wrong.

I want to clean up everything, also my database. Where in the database are alike settings stored? Is this in postmeta? and what are the names of the records that are created? Please give me the names voor version 1 and also version 2.

I noticed after completely removing the plugin and after that installing again that some of the old alike admin settings still appear. So some of the settings must be somewhere in the database and not being removed when completely deinstalling the plugin.

Thanks in advance.

you mean the data building from the backend alike menu. it’s stored in the wp_options table in alike_data key.

yes, thanks. I found it.

welcome. :)

Hi, We did not tested with this theme. Hopefully it should work. If you have any issue we can solve it via support.


Hi! can you give me access to demo wp admin backend, I want to see how the plugin works, and if it will suit me. Sorry, those videos, docs, and frontend preview does not help me much :(

Hi, Sorry, we don’t have any demo access for testing right now. Have a nice day.


When we goto comparison page ..we get comparison of 4 posts…

I would like to link each of them from title to respective post..? Pls help

Open a support ticket:

Does this two posts to make comparisons or can it be done on one post/page? E.g. Mayweather vs Batman?

It compares between multiple posts.

There are 4 categories..let suppose A, B, C & D

In A category if someone compare post they will find following comparison

name category car

In B category if someone compare post they will find following comparison

name category property

In C category if someone compare post they will find following comparison

name category product

In D category if someone compare post they will find following comparison

name category Appliances

so based on the category different taxonomy comparison

is it possible ? if yes than how??

Hi, Do you mean custom individual post type or it’s in the same post type? Please send us some screenshot and more details. Open a support ticket, follow the link:

Have a nice day. Thanks

thanks, i have already opened the ticket.. can you reply as its kind of urgent.. thanks

replied. Lets talk there. You don’t need to add comments here.

Hi there. I’d like to know if the plugin works only with its own generated custom fields, or if It’s able to handle custom fields that already exists, such as those generated via ACF PRO. Thanks.

Yes, It will work with custom linear fields. We use one of our free plugin for generating custom fields. Thanks

Presale questions:

1. Does your plugin work with visual composer? or compatible? 2. I’m using Advance Post Grid/List with custom filtering for Visual Composer (, will this work with that grid system? Would i still be able to compare items in a grid view? 3. How would I add a compare button into a blogs posts?

Hi, We didn’t test with that plugin. If the post grid/list plugin allows custom shortcode then you can use our [alike_link] shortcode into that template file. Otherwise you can override the php template if you want to.


What theme are you using to demo this plugin? Also, I was thinking of using this plugin the Reviews – Products And Services Review WP Theme Item by DJMiMi. Would that work? Would i be able to see the compare button on the post type grid and would there be an externally loading widget when you click the compare button like the way your plugin demonstrates?

You never answered my email about this plugin.

Replied. Thanks

No, you missunderstood me. You replied about this question but I emailed you another question directly through Envato contact author form.

Hi, presale question. I have one custom post type (products) with multiple custom fields (ACF plugin) for each category (ovens, refrigerators, stove, etc). So each category has unique custom fields as specifications. Can I match those specs based on that? Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for your interests in Alike. This plugin works with all custom fields all at once. There is no system to separate by custom taxonomy with unique fields in this plugin.

Have a nice day. RedQ Team

Ok I just want to confirm if I understand this correctly:

For example: Your plugin will look for all fields that have custom field name “product_dimension”. It doesn’t matter in which field group it is located? So if I use product_dimension for ovens and for refrigerator it’s possible to compare them for product_dimension (or any other custom field that matches)?

Yes, that should work.

Sent you guys another email and haven’t received a response yet.


Sorry, we may haven’t respond to your mail yet, can you send us another mail via our support mail address,


Hi. I’m trying to get this plugin working but I’m afraid that it will not be possible in our situation. We are using different custom fields (based on taxonomy) so for each custom post type we have many different sets of custom fields. Now, is it possible to just hide the field in case it’s empty for particular product?

Open a support ticket. Give your site url and the let me know the situation to handle.