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does it have facebook or twitter share for high score?

Currently it does not have facebook integration. However, implementing one with Corona SDK is quite easy. See https://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/guide/social/implementFacebook/index.html for tutorial.

hi, i tried the demo but couldnt find the leaderboard… is it included? thanks

It is included. At the first screen, touch the button at the lower right of the screen (it looks like a trophy). The leaderboard screen will show up. You will have to play a few games and the top-10 scores will be sorted and displayed

Note, there is an animation in the first screen. The leaderboard button is part of the animation so you will have to wait a few seconds for them to show up.

I love the game, I will love to buy it, but will you help me with the customization. I have small experience in Android Studio. Pls will u?


This game is using Corona SDK, which is quite easier to code than Java with Android Studio.

If you are not sure, I would suggest to try some Corona SDK tutorials to get the feeling of the SDK and the Lua programming language.

I recommend this tutorial


It’s quite old but it’s very well written. After you finish it and if you are comfortable with Corona SDK, you will enjoy working on Alien is Landing! It’s a bit more complicated than that tutorial but not by much. If you have questions, please feel free to post them here. I will try my best to help out.

Hi, great game! Could this game have levels? (For example once you had shot X number of aliens, you would reach level 1 and a score board would appear)

Hi, Yes, in gameScene.lua, at line 437. This is where the the player gains a new level.

if score >= nextLevelScore then ... end

So, within this if statement, you can pause a game, show a scoreboard overlay, and resume game when the player clicks the continue button in the scoreboard overlay.

Please see function pauseGame() for the code needed to pause game and show an overlay. See pauseScene.lua for overlay implementation.

To resume the game, you can call scene:resumeGame() without any modification.

To pass data to overlay, please see https://coronalabs.com/blog/2014/01/21/introducing-the-composer-api-plus-tutorial/

Hi. There’s no documentation included? Thanks.

Hi, the manual is in a separated download. Please go to download page again, click on download button, there should be an option to download a manual.

If there is not, please let me know

Thank you for your reply. Checked the download page and didn’t see any manual.

I will contact the support to sort this out. Meanwhile, you can download the doc at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75927546/AlienLanding.pdf

is there any advertisement code already implemented on this template?

Hi, It has code for showing Admob banners.

android ?

Excellent job bro =)