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i like this just because its hebrew :)

Ha ha, thanks, I guess.. :D

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! :)

Ahla !) bookmarked!

I’m glad you like it! :)

Hey buddy its me again. Thanks for the product theme coming soon.

Glad to hear your project is going well! Be sure to send me a link when it’s finished :smitten:

trying to change the blue arrow that is present on hover to #81302F. havent been able to pick the css apart enough to find this color value. Where do i change this?

You can’t change the color using CSS only. The blue arrow is not created using CSS, it is an image created in Photoshop, encoded into base 64 code and included in the CSS file. Contact me through my profile page and I’ll send you the code for #81302F.

email sent via profile page. thanks.

Can your Menu be ‘Fixed’ position rather than ‘Absolute’?

Yes, of course. You just have to change one line of code.

No demo, can’t see what it looks like on mobile.