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Does this have google calendar integration?

Hello mrrobbo.

I am working on this. Will add this function soon. Thanks for comment.

Hi mrrobbo.

Added google calendar integration. Readonly mode in version 1.2. Will work on readwrite mode.

Please add Google Calendar integration and AdMob or Chartbooster support.

Hi mailnike.

Added google calendar integration. Readonly mode in version 1.2. Will work on readwrite mode.

I’m not going to support any advertisement services.

how do I get this thing to work…?

I purchased it and cant do anything with it

Hello hugomax.

Can you please provide more details? Remember that you have to permit application to access your calendars.

You can write me a direct email from my profile page.

Awesome work, love everything about it!

Hello, is your app compatible with iPad ?

Thanks you Emmanuel

Hi Emmanuel!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I have updated ALCalendar, now it includes iPad version. Basic views were extended to support tablets. I will continue to work on tablet support.


Thank you, just bought it :)

Thanks! :) New version has a documentation pdf with installation steps.

Contact me via email if you have any questions.

Hi, please can you kindly answer the question below; 1. Do you have the apk version of the calendar app? 2. Do you have an admin panel that can control APK and iOS versions simultaneously? 3. Can my programmers integrate this into my existing app & control panel? (meaning would you share the api’s and provide integration support if required? Many thanks Tim skype id timxdel

Hi Evodo.

1. apk is an installation package. That item is a ready-to-go Xcode project. Not an API. Build and run on device. 2. I need more details of what are you going to manage 3. ALCalendar consists of model to fetch events, view to show them to users and controllers to manage views. You can integrate it by copying Model and View files to your project and implementing code as in my controllers examples. It’s quite easy.

If you want more details, write me an email via the message box at my profile page.

Regards, Artem.

How can I start the calendar weeks on Sunday, rather than Monday?

Are you planning on upgrading this application soon? Maybe add googlemaps to the address destination field, idk.. or at the least up to version 9. If i choose to select version 9 from target ios version, it wont build. Just fyi.


ALCalendar definitely needs an update. Google has updated it’s Calendar API, Authentication methods and even Developer console. Has checked iOS 9.0+ as building target. Gone well despite of big amount of “deprecated method” warnings. Could you send me the error that failed your build?

Regards, Artem.

Hi, did u sent the source code in objective-c or swift ?

Hi Leandrolee!

That version of ALCalendar is written in Objective-C for 7.0+ iOS version. Documentation for Google Calendar API is a little bit outdated, Google did change design of developers console, but all the menus to setup api in your own project could still be found at iOS QuickStart page.

Hi ALoginov,

1. Have you updated the code with the new Google Calendar API? If not, when do you plan to do so? 2. Will you also make the Android version of this app? 3. Will it work on iOS 9.0?


Hello zenko_g!

1. Haven’t yet updated the code, but sign in and fetcher methods are still working (Google hasn’t changed GPSignIn API). I’m working on ALCalendar version on Swift. Much work ahead! 2. Definitely not. 3. Yes, but there will be warnings because some of EKCalendar methods are deprecated.

HI, the project is not working with 64 bit. It’s not possible to upload to Appstore. Please make version that supports 64 bit

Hi Alexeir!

Can you say if there are many issues on pushing project files to 64bit architecture? Haven’t yet finished project update to swift version and for new google calendar api. Hope will come soon.

Please send me an email about compiler errors (using the message box at the profile menu).

Regards, Artem

Hi, any update coming soon? I also have a custom work for you :)