ALCalendar App (iPhone/iPad)

ALCalendar App (iPhone/iPad)

Message from Author!

Hello, guys!
Right now ALCalendarApp is a little bit outdated. This autumn/fall Google has updated it’s Calendar API, Authentication methods and developer console. So, my app documentation is no longer valid for you. However, app is still working and fetching google events. How? That’s an easy question. I’ve been using Google Plus API for authentication. It remained unchanged. That’s why authentication and data fetching works. Big whoop!
Right now I’m working on update for iOS 8.0+ version for Objective-C. Separately, I’ll start working on Swift version of Calendar. It will be released as a separate project.


Google Calendar API Readwrite mode available!

iPad version available!

What is it?
ALCalendarApp is a ready-to-go iOS application. Calendar allows user to manage Apple and Google calendars. Code is based on MVC pattern. Package contains custom calendar View, working Model for fetching and updating events and two Controllers for managing vertical and horizontal calendars. Calendar View has a fixed number of month panels. As you scroll to the end, next panel will be loaded.

Note.Since version 1.2 there is no tab bar controller. Only one calendar mode is presented in app – horizontal. Vertical mode is available at corresponding view controller file.


  • Sign in to Google account to work with your calendars
  • View/Add/Edit/Delete Apple and Google events
  • iPad version is now available!
  • Week panel
  • Added week chooser for Week Panel
  • Long tap to create event
  • Calendar Orientation – Vertical/Horizontal/Tablet
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Event indicators
  • List of events for selected date
  • Event Management:
    • View
    • Add
    • Edit
    • Delete
  • Calendars Management (Show/hide Apple and Google calendars that will be processed)
  • Jump To Date function
  • MVC-based code

Features to add:

  • Week Panel:
    • Titles overlapping
    • Suggest more!

(1.4) 04 November

  • iPad version added
  • Different bugs fixed
(1.3) 25 September
  • Added Google readwrite mode
  • Add EKCalendar
(1.2) 06 September
  • Added Google account integration
  • Added week chooser for Week Panel
  • Calendar List redesign (calendars are now grouped)
(1.1) 26 August
  • Week Panel added
  • Long tap to create an event on that date
(1.0) 10 August
  • Released (see functions list in Features tab)

Please write me an email (via the message box on the right side) if you have any questions or suggestions.