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Hi, What is your e-mail or page for support? Thanks

Hey i try to upload the plugin into my plugin as zip it appear as error?

Hello, gallery modules (AlbumsList) are designed for use with the free Wordpress Gmedia plugin.

AlbumsList it’s a module for Gmedia WP Plugin.

1. Install free Gmedia WordPress Plugin. –

2. Download zip and install this zip file as module for Gmedia WP Plugin –

hey there i have bought this, but i can’t figure the way to set up as a list view showed in demo. now i have gmedia and i have installed module and add gallery. but can you provide a dummy note how to set up look like demo?

The simple way:

1. Install (this is the module that you bought here and downloaded) –

2.After installation, you will see this module in the list of modules and will be able to create a gallery –

3. Create new gallery with AlbumsList –

4. Select albums for gallery –

5. Gallery is ready to save -

6.Copy the short code and paste it into the post or page –

Or give me a temporary access to our WP Dashboard and I’ll create such a gallery for you. For this use our contact form –

Download and install module from Codecanyon again


I purchased the AlbumsList v2.0 because of the awesome bookmark feature. I downloaded the file and installed but on my Gmedia dashboard it says it is version 1.0 and there was a link to update to version 2.0 without the need of a license but it just brought me back to the plugin page here in Codecanyon. Where can I get the version 2.0?



Is there an easy way to print out the description of images either under the images in the lightbox or under the image title in the lightbox? I would like to get the same output that pops up in the modal when the info button is clicked but I would like all that information to be available without having to click the info button.

Hello, unfortunately this is not possible, but maybe I’ll add this in the next versions.

Hi I would like to remove the hover effect on the images. How can I do that?


Also, be sure you have the latest version of the Gmedia Gallery plugin

Here is the link : Right now I have set this preset only to show the download icon. I use the latest version of Gmedia Gallery plugin.

The download icon is working fine on gallery but i cannot get it working on Album…

1. Go to Gmedia -> Modules – AlbumsList and click green plus button (for creating new preset)

2. Create new preset –

3. How to use preset for album. Go to your album (for edit) and select new preset –

I have followed your guide but it’s not working.

On your screenshot is not AlbumsList. For help with Phantom module use forum on

OK, sorry. I thought it was the same. I’ll head overthere, Thanks

I’m sure that PhantomPro has this option.


Info pop up click event including the close button on the mobile screen is not working. Please suggest the way out for the issue ASAP as our website is LIVE and creating a lot of chaos and loss to the business reputation.

Waiting for your timely response, thank you.

Hello, swipe down (drag image down)

Hello, The information provided above is irrelevant. The info pop-up doesn’t get close when displayed on the mobile screen. Please help on this as the website is LIVE and creating a lot of reputational loss.

Hello, try update to 2.2

Hi, I’m having problem while replicating the same view like in demo version. I want, when I click on album, that it would open image gallery mansonry grid, not a lightbox. And then when I click on selected image, it would open lightbox. Now one step is missing. Can you help me with this ?

The description of the album is available from the top of the page

Album – Forest

Do you have an email ? I would write to you myself regarding the new purchase from I would also send to you purchase code as a proof.

MY theme will not upload to wordpress please help

Unfortunately I do not understand what the problem is. What can not you upload to your WordPress?

Hi, I have a question. I bought the plugin and there is a license, but as I understand, I still need to buy a premium so that I can fully use the plugin?

Regards, Dzeineta

Hello, You bought a premium module ( AlbumsList) for a free WP plugin (Gmedia).

1. Install free Gmedia WordPress Plugin. –

2. Download zip and install this zip file as module for Gmedia WP Plugin –

Hi, before I purchase this plugin, I want to know if there is filter option for albums (categoriesed or tags) ?


Hello. I have installed your plugin to my Pro Gmedia in WP. I have created a gallery and added to front end with shortcode. Everuthing worked fine.

However, once I’ve created a few more galleries, your plugin stopped functioning correctly. There is no scroll/carousel, no arrows visible and only one album image is shown in the spot as oppose to 4-5.

The gallery page that contains all albuns has the same problem. No more scroll.

Please help.

try add this style for gallery to Advanced Settings -> Custom CSS

.gmedia_AlbumsList_SplashSliderNextPrevButtons { visibility: visible !important; }

Ok, that worked. Thank you. However, the scroll stops when it gets to the last album on the right or when it gets back to the first on the left. How do you make the rotation of the carousel/scroll infinite like on a /gallery page?

May I also suggest that in your next update of your module you provide either more customized options or a list of css class that can be updated manually through advanced settings.

when you have three pages with covers – there will be a carousel mode


is it possible to disable slider and make it grid view?

Unfortunately this is not possible

thank you i made, custom customization of course. will be good if its supported by the plugin


janpidk Purchased

Hi I bought AlbumList v3.2 but I’m not able to install the plugin. I have WP 5.5.1 and Gmedia plugin Pro. I upload it and try to install and get the message: No valid plugin. /Jan

Hello, You bought a premium module ( AlbumsList) for a free WP plugin (Gmedia).

1. Install free Gmedia WordPress Plugin. –

2. Download zip and install this zip file as module for Gmedia WP Plugin –

Module not Plugin


janpidk Purchased

Sorry! My bad. I tried to install as a plugin. Just stupid.