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Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF

any plan to sell android version of this app?

yes, we’re working on it, it may be available in a month or so.

Video preview doesn’t work. Also back4app.com only provides 5GB of free storage which is very less for Photo upload app. Can you integrate Amazon AWS for storage?

in fact i wrote “fixed”, which means i fixed it, not that it was working before ;)
one uploaded picture has an average size of 300Kb jpg compressed format, which means you can store about 833.000 pictures with 250 GB

833.000 pictures for the price of $99/months, no thanks and GLWS. nothing personal though.

No problem ;)

Is there a feature to add comments?

no, we may add it on a next update.

Some bugs here and there.

Yeah, reporting your customer’s comments for valid points of poorly made product that doesn’t do what its title says and asking friends to write good comments without purchasing is so awesome? Weak and low.

Just read what other users think about your comments below, and stop being so harassing. This app does what ITS VIDEO PREVIEW SHOWS, it’s easy so what you just said it’s false and keeps making yourself ridiculous here.
And btw, we have reported your comment because of was offensive, or we may say disrespectful, or even vulgar, whatever you want to call it, this is not the right place for words like the ones you’ve used in your reported comment.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

I do not understand certain users who complain about certain features included or not in the app for just $20. I hear of UX design, every developer who buys apps in marketplaces are free to customize the app as their wishes. if some people prefer to change button positions lets go changed by it self, developers are free to custom the app like their wants.

For the user to write above, if you need more features for this app do that by your self!. If you need a custom app developed this by your self or hire a developer to create an app to measure and prepare to release 10x this price :)

Peace bro and FV continue creating awesome apps!

Thanks @daniocho, we appreciate your support :)

Great work! If you can build app using php and mysql it is better than Parse

Unfortunately we’re not experienced with php/mySql, and also it will be hard to make updates/modifications for beginners since they would need to edit php files as well, Parse SDK is easy and reliable because it’s hosted on back4app.com

I think the design is really very beautiful. But just miss some small handy things like an real app does. For example: 1. If it is an album App, then it is very essential that it can zoom the photos to see details of the photos. 2. And to select Multi photos at once to upload. 3. To add descriptions of the albums of the specific photos. 4. To add comments to talk about the photos.

thanks for your feedback.
1. you can see the image slideshow with full image preview by tapping on an image of an album
2. That’s not possible, sorry, because you need to set a title for each image before uploading them
3. There’s a subtitle field for it
4. We may add comments on a next update

Thanks. 1. Full image is really different than zoom to see some details. Especially for a photo App. See the scripts (PhotoFeed app) that I sent to you how to get zoom 2. the purpose is to select Multi photos, think of the scripts that I sent to you. There you can select multi images at once. And you do not need to add a title when you are uploading, after uploading you can add a discription under a photo as well.

ok, we’ll check it out when we’ll have time to do so

Great basic sharing app. But I think more work needs to be put in to make uploading and sorting the pictures easier… Currently, you can’t move around the pictures in the albums (you have to delete and restart if you messed up the order).

Also, the app is very slow. I am not sure if this is a problem with queries back and forth with back4app. Some of the images / content should be cached locally so you don’t have to query the database every time.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Actually the Parse SDK caches data once they’re loaded the first time, unless you then kill the app and reopen it, then it has to fetch data again. If the app is slow on your side it deoends by a combination of your own internet speed and back4app server speed, it works fine on our side with a normal WiFi connection, and not to much slow with a 3G one.

In fact if it can first show descriptions, then the photos. And then under the photos to show the comments. That will be great.

We can load comments only on a separate controller, in order not to stress too much the database with queries (for free accounts on back4app).

I see the descriptions on the photos, can it just be above or under the photos qua position? Just like normal timeline.

it’s not a matter of space or layout, it’s a matter of too may queries to send for each picture, it’s better to have the app make 1 query only when you tap the Comments button, like Facebook app for example, you can send/see comments only if you tap on Comments button.

Parse will shut down by January, 28th

parse.com, yes, but not the SDK, please read this article: http://fvimagination.tumblr.com/post/153383547781/parse-sdk-will-not-shutdown-in-2017-thanks-to
Or this app description ;)

Hello ,

I have some questions .

Can you change a few things about the application? To give a personal touch to a little bit of money?

Is there a news feed?

There is no need for hosting to run the application? Aside from IOS develop and Google Developer?

A database is required?

Demo ?

Thank you

Yep, lets say that, please watch its video preview to see it in action ;)

Ah thank you, I saw the video.

It is not possible to make a more streamlined profile and that there is a news flow of the people that have it follow?

not on this template, it’s already well made for the cheap price it has :) we’re currently not available for freelance work so if you want to add those features you may search for freelancers on Envato Studio.

Hi, where can I add my backend with the app I want to add backend link with the Wordpress server

Hi, where can I add my backend with the app I want to add backend link with the Wordpress server

Hi, where can I add my backend with the app I want to add backend link with the Wordpress server

Hi, where can I add my backend with the app I want to add backend link with the Wordpress server

No, sorry, because this app uses Parse SDK, not mySQL as backend.

Is there any other way to add the Mysql db with that? should we need the parse sdk should removed?

the magic of Parse is that it creates classes and columns and cells in your parse dashboard automatically while using the app, you don’t need to manually create tables and columns like in mySQL ;)

ok thanks just need to change the parse key right? so confused with the parse

yes, have you read the User Guide included to the package you downloaded? just follow it, i wrote it to let users jnow how to configure and get the app ready to be tested ;)