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this looks pretty cool – have you tried incorporating this into a wordpress site?

I am currently working on a wordpress integration. It will be included in the next update.

no idea why i cant get this to work… can you email me an example of a working html… the docs do not show that.

hi, ’ have bought your great script. i have some problem. everything works. but I dont see the subapges. the url change but i cant see the content. can you help me? thanx

have you received?

thanx you !!! i fix it !

No problem :-)

hi, is possible to load via ajax only areas which change? I see that you load the new page in full, and not part of this. for save bandwith. thanks

I mean that you can just load content of #ajax_content_a. You save bandwith because you don’t load again css and js of the page. Something like $( ”#result” ).load( “test.html #ajax_content_a” );

Ah, now I understand! As far as I can see only the internet explorer loads css and js files beyond the container (correct me if I am wrong). As suggested I tried the following method:

$(plugin.settings.areas).each(function(e) { var $this = $(this); $this.find(”.page_loading_effect”).load(page+” #”+$this.attr(“id”)); }); loading = false;

Unfortunately this doesn’t prevent the IE from reloading css and js files either. Furthermore load() loads the complete document, so if there is more than one area, you are loading the same content over and over again. If you have any information you can add to this – anything from your experiences and thoughts on the notes above – then please do e-mail me.

Best regards, Luke

I understand what do you mean. I sent to you an email. Best

Is this product still supported?

Indeed. Is there anything I can help you with?


Yeah, I messaged you through support and no response. The script is giving me some issues. I wil try to reach you through support again.

Did you send your support ticket already? Because I didn’t receive any. Please contact me via email.

Best regards

Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you! :-)

Bought this and then realized it isn’t compatible with jquery 3. Any plans to make it compatible?

Hello Jeffster, this product is almost three years old and I did not plan to update it. If you are unsatisfied with it, I can offer you a refund. Kind regards, Luke