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for Code Quality

super worth it .. a must buy for your admin and security needs.

for Customer Support

Excellent customer support and willingness to help out with installation. Now I get to dig in and see what this program can really do, so far it looks like exactly what I was looking for.

for Code Quality

I rated 1 because I could not rate lower and the comment is across the board. I should have donated the money to a charity instead. Poor documentation, inconsistent interface, it does not use ajax in the administration interface causing you to refresh the page manually in EVERY panel and this occasionally causes you to have to re-login, thus more evidence of inconsistencies in the interface and the software.

No documentation provided on customisation, definitely in development and not even at alpha release quality yet. You would spend as much time trying to get this working as any of the alternative open-source options with the exception of product consistency.

Wait for a later release and hopefully it will be more complete but there will be no way of verifying completeness without buying it.


Author response

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the feedback.

Following on from our email conversation where you claimed you had searched and searched for the documentation before buying the product - I'd like to point out that the link to the documentation is right in the product description under the very large heading entitled "Documentation & Code Examples". Not sure how you missed it but there you go.

As for the product and the way it works - well the demo is available online before you purchase as well so I'm not sure how you missed that as it comes right at the top of the page.

Finally the product doesn't require you to re-login each time - that is plainly false unless there is something wrong with your server settings and the way it manages sessions. Anyone who visits the demo can see that.

Kind regards


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