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I have question about user status..

status automatically change? or status only change if admin changes its status?

Hi Carl,

When the user registers their status is set to “waiting”. When they click the activation link in the email that is sent to them then this automatically sets their account status to “active”.

The admin can at any point update the status to active, waiting or banned manually.

Let me know if this answers your question or if you have any other questions.

Kind regards


Hello, Very close to my requirements. But i need to know

1- Can user get an SMS notification with some PIN Code upon signup? 2- After signup admin can take a small print out having details + PIN Code


Hi Khalilanjum.

These two features can be coded into the system to customise it but it does not do these things by default.



Thanks Nadeem for a prompt reply. can you please let me know how much extra i need to pay for these customizations?

Hi Khaleel,

I have sent an email to you at that address. I’m going to flag your comment above to remove it just so your email is not available to any spam bots.

kind regards


Three questions before I buy: 1. Can you add a feature where Admin can add/set email providers to a custom list so they will disallow registration with that specific email provider? (I want to disallow registration with “one-time/throw-away/spam email addresses” because I had bad experiences with those in the past)

2. Can I add custom pages to the user panel? I have data which I need to show on user panel for every user separately.

3. Can I set the system so, that after login the user goes to the main site instead of the user panel?

Hi Hunnenkoenig

1) yes, you block registration by email providers. For example you can at it to block anyone signing up from etc.

2) yes you can add extra pages to the user area

3) yes, you can have the user redirect to which ever page you choose.

Let me know if that answers your questions.



Thanks! Now I found the email block part. I still don’t find the redirect option, but I believe you :-)

Now my last questions are:

1. Can I make it so, that the user can choose his user group at registration?

I want to offer different group options for users with different features available at the site, but I don’t want to handle it manually assigning users to different groups by hand on the admin panel.

2. Is there an admin option to send emails to all users or users in a certain group? Like a newsletter system.

Hi Hunnenkoenig,

The redirect option requires you to change a two lines of code (I can show you these once you buy the script). It’s not a setting as such. I hope that is okay.

On to you other questions:

1. This will require a bit of extra coding (not much) to add a option in the registration form and about 1 line of code in the PHP file to pick up on the group. Again I can show you how to do this if you are comfortable with making the changes yourself or I can do that for you for my regular custom coding fee.

2. There is no newsletter system inside the admin panel yet however you can export data based on groups, countries, languages etc and then use something like to operate as your newsletter system using this exported data.

Let me know if you need anything else.



Hi, can this software be used as a “website kill switch”? Like for instance that when a website or app is built I add a code with a license key. If this is not paid for or client uses the software in a manner that is not allowed or agreed upon that I can block them?

Hi Veccora,

userBase does not come with a remote kill switch. It could be custom coded if you like but it does not come as standard.




Can’t find the on screen instructions under installer/ folder for installing the system (Step 2).


Even on installer/index.php

What do you see when you visit the installer folder in the browser?



Is there a way were I’ll pay extra for you to install it to my website?

sent an email about this.



Hi, wonderful product! I wonder if I can do these 2 extra things: 1. support multiple languages, by user preference – maybe have separate language files. 2. add additional custom mysql text columns when creating user, which can be retrieved, because I need to know which company this user belongs to and his employee id number, in addition to which group this user belongs to.


Hi Khoonie,

Thank you!

The system does support a language file (for the front end – not the admin area) which you can translate. Then it would require a small bit of extra coding to switch the language file to the users preference.

You can also add extra mysql columns into the user table. I have additional documentation on how to add extra registration fields, user profile area as well as the admin area.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Kind regards


Hi Nadeem,

Just purchased your application and getting my hands dirty with it. Have a question around the approach to integrate it with my current site.

I already have a static front-end website that I would like to update to use your application features.

Q1: Is the folder structure of your application important and needs to be maintained? I am talking about the folders under the root which has items such as admin, ads, ajax, config, etc…. Which files are mandatory and which are optional?

Q2: If I already have my front-end website, where do I put these files so they work with your application? Is it under root/index/ folder? If so, is it safe to delete all the current files with my own website?

Q3: If I have my own existing website structure , what is the best way to integrate your application? Do I copy over folders such as admin, ads, ajax, config, includes, installer, ipn, lang, sql?

Please advise on best way to integrate.. either method using Q2 or Q3.

Thanks, Fahim

Hi Fahim,

All you’re questions answered via email as requested.




In your documentation the “sessionsClass::site_protection” function is described as having 4 parameters such as sessionsClass::site_protection(true,true,true,false);

However, in your example front-end website, the function uses 5 parameters such as : sessionsClass::site_protection(true,true,true,false,false);

Please explain what the 5th parameter is used for? and does the documentation require updating?


Hi Nadeem,

Can you please explain how the registration forms work and what functions bind the form data to the database?

I have a very custom registration form and need to update the database with new fields etc. Not sure how best to go about this from creating the form itself, what values to pass, in what format and how should the database tables be updated to accept the new data.


please also explain how the admin user management should be updated to reflect the new/updated fields?

essentially, how best to extend the information field set for users from a registration, admin and database perspective.

Hello! It seems to me this is greate product!

I need refferal program only. I have social media platform and want to know who is my user to add new user with their special reffelals link. Is it possible to use for this goals your product?

Thanks a lot!

Best gerards, Natalia

Hi Natalia,

It may require a bit of extra coding depending on how your existing user system works but it should be possible. If you can send me more details of your existing system I can have a look.



Site stats like OS en browsers are pretty outdated, planning on an update for this?

If you go to admin/js/actions.js and do a search and replace for


I think this should cover everything.

On the issue of mysql_connect. You should be okay until PHP 7.0 as that is when it is being removed from php altogether.

Oke great, about the gravatar url, i give up, i changed all gravatar urls in many files, but it keeps loading over http.

Okay. Did a quick search and found this

It looks like the URL should be set to this:

Will respond to your other message via email.

Kind regards


Version 1.4 has been uploaded for review. Should be available for download in the next few days.

This has an update to take into account new OS/Browsers by Microsoft (so windows 10 and IE10 + IE11)

Hello I purchased the script but it appears there is an issue with the paypal integration. when the payment is complete it does not redirect back to the page it goes back to paypal. and the information is not recorded or sent back to the server.


Just replied to your email.



How easy would it be to edit the forms to show the text fields, selects, radios etc that I wanted to show vs you stock ones?

Hi Tykra,

I have documentation for some forms. If you like I can send them to you (I think I have your email).

Which areas were you looking to customise?



Version 1.5 just uploaded with the new MySQLi extension to keep the system up to date with the latest versions of PHP.

Should be available for download in a few days after the review has been carried out by envato.




xgarb Purchased

You should update the changelog on here. It’s very out of date.


colic0 Purchased

There does not appear to be any instructions on how to install on a linux server? The help file I have found states Step Two: Installing the system UserBase is the first of my apps to sport an installer. So navigate to the installer/ folder in the main folder of the downloaded package – it should be in “ubase/installer/” – and follow the on screen instructions. . There is nothing but php scripts and folders in this directory?

Curious to know if this supports tumblr login

See email just sent.

v1.7 has been uploaded – waiting approval so should be live in a day or two hopefully.

This new version includes the ability to create table prefixes when installing the script.