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version 1.8 just uploaded for review.

Includes fixes for facebook and allows you to set a prefix for the session values to help avoid clashes with other code you may have on your site.

Updated my 1.5.0 to 1.8.0 but when trying to open “userbase_1.8.0/config/config_global.php” I get a blank page no options to update configuration file options I tried several explorer levels what can I do to fix?

Hi Jsilling,

Just downloaded the latest version and opened the config_global.php and it appears to be fine.

How are you opening the file? Via the browser or a file explorer?


Using browser from web site

Just checked it still a blank page no error message nothing.

Hi, Can I manage users with unique pass , that after login can only access certain only web page ? like ? Also have full report about when he logged in and out on that very web page ? Thanks

HI Freesongs,

If you want the users to have their own url type page then you will need to set up a htaccess file to process the url correctly.

However from the user management side then yes you can use the data from this script to manage what the user sees when they login and what page they have access too.

Not just at page level but you can also control smaller details on the page (this requires php coding).

The system can be coded to to track the log-ins and logouts (when the user actually remembers to log out) but this would require custom coding.

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Hi I already have htaccess manager that gives a unique pass to any html page I need, but I lack the log information which I need to get recorded. I need to know exactly when they log in how long they stay and when they log out. Can you suggest something ? Thanks !

I don’t know for sure but your server may already have a log file of who logged in if you are using htaccess for your user management – maybe.


There is a problem. I could not upload country ip. I removed 2 columns before uploading, but give error. Can you send me corrected csv file ?


Please see a corrected version of the csv file linked.

You should edit the file in notepad to remove the extra text at the top of the file and then use something like Google Docs/Sheets to edit the csv file.

Keep in mind this item/script is no longer supported so this is just a one off.

download here:

Hi, I’m looking for a login solution , I’m using DigitalOcean and Cloudflare using sub domains pointing to 4 apps on different servers but all using 1 domain, I want to be able to let users login to one then their logged into all so can hop between apps, social / openid but also a registration form that registers them for all apps, any ideas or can this be suitable ? 2 apps are core php , and 2 are Laravel

I’ve just messaged you via support


Your message went to junk folder, replied back

on the user area login and sign up is not really working tried so many times and nothing works

Will reply to the other email you just sent.


Hi, I just bought this script. I am unable to login, I get a spinning gif and nothing happens. I checked the user table and it was empty so I copied insert query from main_sql.sql and executed it in phpmyadmin. But still I get the same spinning gif and nothing happens. Please help

It is not working on Localhost. I also installed on our beta server and it is working perfectly there. But I want it to work on localhost also because we want to start development on a project using this script. Thanks

I just checked the console for errors and this is the error I see Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Cannot regenerate session id – session is not active in C:\wamp64\www\allianceCRM\includes\lightwork_session.php on line 33 If this helps! Thanks

I will try to get back to you by the end of tomorrow on this. There is a fix for this but I’m not sure which version it is in. If you do not hear from me by the end of tomorrow (Tuesday) please post another comment to get my attention.

Please Update To Php 7x.

Looks like it could be a good user system but does not seem to work with more recent versions of php. I was able to install and create tables successfully. Once i try to login to admin panel i simply get a rotating gif. The index area for users simply says can not connect. Hopefully author updates or provides a fix.

I found a solution to my problem. During setup the installed configured the db wrong. All seems to be working.

Glad everything is okay. Let me know if you have any other issues.


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