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Hi there!

Okay, very interested in your plugin … maybe dumb question … but can add the American flag because I don’t see it in your demo?

Thank you, Christine :)

Hi Christine,

no problem with your question :)

If you want, after you buy the plugin, I can either send you the American flag (to be uploaded via FTP to the images folder), or I can send you a modified plugin with the American instead of the British flag.


Hi, Before buying this plugin I have few questions:

- If I already have translation files (.mo) for my designated languages, can this plugin load those files instead of using external services? I need these because my child theme has special language phrases.

- Can I custom placing the switch in my theme or have to use the plugin pre-selected area?



1- No, it cannot load them

2- Yes you can. The plugin has advanced position settings, so you can specify any container to place it anywhere. If you don’t have the knowledge to use these settings, I can help you out.


Question before I buy more licenses, I have a site which people input information in multiple languages (both spanish and english) how can this plugin handle that? if it can?

thanks in advanced :)

No problem :)

The translator needs to know what’s the source language of the text it’s translating. So there should be something, some pattern in the alternate language pages. We can use that to instruct the translator. Perhaps something in the URL, some element or lang attribute.

Ideally, the form used to input the information in multiple languages should have a language field too, and it would be populated somewhere, and that will work.


Does it support WPML strings?


I’m not really sure if I understand your question, sorry. However, if you’d like to import WPML translations into this plugin, that feature isn’t available.

Let me know if you have some other question.


50% of all Themes contains WPML strings, strings can be translated. Does your plugin supports these strings?

The content generated by WordPress, the themes and plugins will get translated of course. So if you have content generated by WPML, then it will get translated. The plugin doesn’t really care where the content comes from. It translates everything (unless specified otherwise).

Thanks for the quick help. Can’t wait to buy and use this plugin again on my next project. Great support! Great plugin! :D

Thank you very much for your great review and rating! :)

Is possible translate to brazillian portuguese? I dont see the brasillian flag, maybe is possible change only the flag? in images path… I will to use custom translation area with translation in blocks…

Yes sure, the Brazilian flag will appear in the site instead of the Portuguese.

The plugin translates all the content either generated by other plugins and the theme. It doesn’t care where the content comes from.


Cool!! I will go to buy, and, if possible, you can send me the version with brazilian flag?

Sure, after you’ve bought it, please contact me using the form on my profile page:


Your plugin is very interesting. Does it work with themes? Does it translate (custom translation) everything or there is something that would be left untouched? I use “Display” from TeslaThemes and I have no clue on how could I translate the headers of the sections in the home page for example:

Thanks, looking forward for your answer! Dom

Hi Dom,

yes, it translates all your website’s content. Once a translation is performed, it’ll be cached on your server, so it’ll become available in the Custom Translations tab and you can make your changes there.


Tx a lot, I’ll keep on eye on it and really think I’ll buy it.

Ok great

Hi Folks,

Your translate plugin looks great but just have 2 questions prior to purchasing.

1) Are there limitations on how many characters can be translated with the API key provided with the purchase (I believe Google API charges by number of characters of text translated)? 2) What kind of extra performance load does the widget add to a wordpress site?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


glad you like the plugin.

1) No, there aren’t any limitations.
2) The impact of having the translator is very little. As it’s loaded after your page is ready.


We’ve been looking a plugin like this. Is portuguese (Brasil) included in the plugin?


Portuguese is included, but Brazilian Portuguese is not.


need brazilian portugese please

It’s most likely that the widget you use to place the translator it’s only available in the front page. So there are 2 solutions for this:

You can also add the translator to another widget (without taking it out from the front page), a widget available in all other pages.


You can do that by using the Advanced Positioning features. See:

Advanced > General > Location

If you’re not sure how it works, you can watch the second video on the Installation Guide.

Or if you want me to do it for you, I’ll ask you to take a screenshot and visually explain where would you like to place the translator or how would you like to be displayed, exactly. I’m asking you this because some times is not too easy to come up with the procedure, and then it turns out that the solution isn’t exactly what the client wanted.

I don’t know what operating system are you using, but I’m sure you have some simple graphic editing tool, so basically, you should:

  • Take a screenshot of the current website (without the translator)
  • Enable the translator with the desired flags/languages, take another temp screenshot
  • Select/copy/paste the translator area and place it in the desired location in the first screenshot
  • Send only the first screenshot along with a temporary WP admin access (via email of course)


thank you for your willingness to help! I figured the plugin saved the user’s chosen language into a cookie and other pages would be translated without a widget. i resolved my issue with a work-around.. thanks again.

Ok, great :)

How can I show this in a widget??? I can´t find any information about this!!


in the plugin’s admin panel, go to:

Advanced > Location, select Widget and save.

After that it’ll appear in the Widgets page:

Appereance > Widgets (/wp-admin/widgets.php)


I am looking at this plugin and the dropdown one. I’m not sure which one will work best for my site (and keeping it responsive) so I’m planning to grab both and put them on live test sites to see which one to use.

Is there a problem with installing either of the plugins, using the order number to activate and test it, then deactivate, delete and re-install the one I want on the site I’ll end up using it on?


there’s no problem with having both plugins installed, and even enabled at the same time. They won’t interfere with each other.

You can deactivate/delete/re-install them at will.

Let me know if you have some other question.


Great plugin, very good and quick support.

Thank you very much for your great review! :)

Hello there. Apparently the translation does not work with me. I tried Surstudio and Google but nothing works. Try it yourself here:


this is the message why it doesn’t work:

Failed (usageLimits - dailyLimitExceeded - Daily Limit Exceeded)

If you want to use Google Translate, then you have to fund your Google account first.

Also, the server was blacklisted because you were using an invalid key in this batoozone website, now that’s is fixed, so if you select SurStudio as translation service, it’ll work fine.


I just bought your plugin and i have an issue with it:

I have activated all languages but instead of taking the width of the template, the translator is taking over 5000px of width because we have all languages there.

The translator bar should not break the template, it should be adjustable… I have tried doind that with css but it doesn’t work. Please provide support as soon as possible. Thank you


yes, it’s adjustable but it’s not automatic. You have to define what languages to display/hide depending on the screen resolution.

Since you know about CSS, please take a minute to take a look to the translator CSS file (styles/jquery.translator.css), go to the end of the file, you’ll find a set of predefined CSS rules. You should use those rules (and/or define new media queries) to show/hide the languages, for instance:

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
    .td-translator-language-es {
        display: none;

This will hide the Spanish language for resolutions lower than 1024px width. Notice es in the CSS selector, that’s the language code. Do the same with other languages.

Let me know if you have some other question.


Great plugin, exactly what i needed for my client musique libre de droit

Thank you

Looks good! Thanks for your message :)

Hello, whats the difference between this and the Dropdown Translate plugin you have other than looks? Are there any extra features/benefits in that 25 $ plugin of yours?


no, the only difference is the user interface, and the settings that come along with that.


Hi! This is a great plugin, with many customizable features and great customer service but the custom translation panel is so user-unfriendly. It takes too many clicks to make corrections going back and forth and the corrections that must be applied to all pages of the website (e.g. page names in the drop-down menus) have to be made in each and every cached page. This is a major disappointment…

No problem :)

Yep, that worked great! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you

No problem! Glad to know it worked fine.

Pre sales question: hi, i would like to know-> 1) if it would b compatible with all of the themes available 2) if there is an auto translator, means we dnt need to edit each content in every language, n the content is auto-trnslated from some api like google translator 3) is there geo-location based auto-selection of language means, if i open website from china, it must translate it in chinese, by default.

quick answers would b appreciated, so that i can ask my client to buy quickly. :-)


1) Yes, as far as the theme is barely decent built, that is, make the proper wp_head and wp_footer calls in the header and footer files.

2) Yes. The content is translated when someone asks for a translation, that is, someone clicking on a language.

3) No, it doesn’t have that feature.


Pre Sale Query:

Hi there,

Can I have drop down option with this plugin, or- I have to buy the $25 plugin of yours. Is the $24 plugin capable of drop down and top bar options?



no, each plugin has its own user interface. This one comes as a form of a translation bar, and the other one as a drop down.