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Hi there. How can Disable language text and just show the flag. Thanks for your help


please see the Interface settings. Also, your support period is expired, so please extend it if you require further assistance.

Also, please take a minute to read the support tab:

Support is given within 2 business days, and via email only. Since support is given via email only, the public board is only checked from time to time.



aguskc Purchased

Hi. this is the same with Ajax Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin, right? only that this one is dropdown?


yes, the user interface is the main difference.


hello, can you please help. i installed your Translate revolution and did all ok, but when i click on selected language it just run animation but doesn’t translate. – site

in addition:can you please tell how to make the translation detect user language and show the website in his language

How can I stop the plugin from translating few words? My site/brand name itself is getting translated, which I need to avoid.


it’s not possible to exclude single words, it’s possible to exclude sections from translations, see:

General Settings > Select and exclude sections > Exclude selector (jQuery)

You can add your selectors there.

Or you should add the dont-translate style class to the container HTML element. Or if you want to exclude just a piece of text, you should wrap it within a HTML element with the dont-translate style class, for instance:

<span class="dont-translate">Company name</span>

It can happen that the element already has a class attribute, lets suppose:

<h1 class="main">Company name</h1>

Then, it should become:

<h1 class="main dont-translate">Company name</h1>

Also, please take a minute and look at the Support tab:

Support is given via email only. Replies here don’t take less than a week.


Hi, Its translate very well, and also my Hbook plugin but not when i open the accordion in the page . Then i have to click on the translate icon again and then its translate the Hbook booking plugin complete.

Any suggestion how i can fix this?

Regards Trond André


please take a minute and look at the Support tab:

Notice that support is given via email only. Replies here don’t take less than a week.

Also, please send your Item Purchase Code because the account you’re using doesn’t have a license of this plugin.


Hi, Sorry but i posted this in wrong items . I buye your Ajax Translator Revolution WordPress Plugin item and this should be posted there i see now. Regards Trond André

I also coding a fix for this by my self so this is ok now.

Hi Thomas,My website is in English but I want it to open in Spanish translated with your plugin. The question is how do I configure the plugin so it will open in Spanish instead of English. Thanks. Tulio


your email was replied a few days ago.

Support is given within 2 business days, and via email only. Since support is given via email only, the public board is only checked from time to time.


Is it possible to translate words or phrases wrong translated, manually?


yes, it’s possible to manually adjust translations.


Is everything in the template translated ..? Is everything translated into woommerce ..?


yes, everything on the front end gets translated.


The plugin on my site appears not to be working. Simply defaults back to English whatever language you select. I have sent a request for support also and provided my priority pin. Website:


your email was replied and the issue solved days ago. Should you require further assistance, please always use the email. It doesn’t help to double post the messages here on the public board.


Why i’m gettin the error 306 on my site when I try to translate?


as specified in the Support tab:

The best way to request support is:

Describe what’s happening, and what you expect to happen. Send a link/URL where the problem can be seen. Send your Item Purchase Code if you have bought a license. Disable or flush any cache plugin you may have activated. Disable any on construction plugin you may have activated. By following all these simple steps you ensure yourself to receive a fast and accurate reply.

Not following these steps will lead to delays and replies asking for those missing things.



can i change the text manually, when i want another word like the example from the plugin?


yes, you can manually adjust the translations.



Tovik Purchased

Hello, just found this message in my settings: The Mcrypt module isn’t enabled on this server.

The is on php7 web hosting which does not have mcrypt module installed. We do not have the mcrypt module in PHP 7 installed because the mcrypt module has been removed from PHP in 7.2

Is there an update coming for this?

Gr Tovik


if you enabled the extended features, then you can update to the latest version that doesn’t require the Mcrypt module. Otherwise your hosting provider can enable the module on PHP 7.

You should also know that your support period for this item has expired

Item Support is a policy that was implemented by Envato. It’s designed to ensure high quality, consistent customer service for you, while providing authors with a sustainable way to support our items and keep them up-to-date.

If you would like to know more about Item Support, please view the policy:



qwidecom Purchased

I need to install the plugin in the main wordpress menu.

ps: I use the Divi theme.

I thought this option was already on by default.


I need to know how I put it in the main menu, in the same line as the other menu items.

Hello I can, with this plugin, prevent a word from being translated throughout the site? For example the name of my brand, in a site in wordpress with visual composer? thank you

So is possible translate the title h1 h2 …? on Visual composer?

how to do with the question dod titles? it is possible not to translate a word into a title

As said in the first reply, it’s not possible to exclude words.


NITElab Purchased


Whenever I try and change the language I only see the spinner for 2 seconds and then the select defaults back to the initial language. In console I see “Error 306: This request has been tracked.”. Anything I should check? I saw a previous answer about the purchase code, but I literally copied and pasted it as per instructions…



as said in the email, you should use your new Item Purchase Code.



willmaaaa Purchased

Hi, I migrated the page i was designing to the main host, but now the purchase key no longer works. what can i do? thanks


your email has been replied.