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Hi there. I think I read somewhere, that a textfile (parsing) version will be available as well. Is this already planned and do you have a release date? thx chris

Hi, trying to implement this on a Wordpress page and it is only displaying the page of part of the table, not getting any errors. Any ideas?

Hi Sitebase, thank’s a cool script! But i can’t activate the seachField. The inputform has the id=”search” – I declare $()... searchField:”search” but the field remains hidden. Greeting Tito24

now is running :-)

Hi! Sweet table.. any news on support for Microsoft SQL? = I will buy :)

Hi, thanks for the script !!!

with umlaut sign “äöü” I get the following

DATA ERROR json_encode (): Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument

otherwise it works well

Do you support table joining?

Hi, I just purchased it and isntalled the script, sql works great, tables are full of data but I cannot search, go to another page or sort column. I get the following error message : “SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘ajaxtable’ ”. please advice

It have a admin panel with tables generator/manager?

Can’t get it to work. Sad