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I just wanted to say thank you for such a great locator. It took us no time at all to get this installed, embedded and working on our site. And thank you for taking the time to quickly respond to our email. :-)

I applied your script on my site but it seems there is something wrong with Miles function. When I search my location it shows wrong miles. But when i search from Get Directions, it shows correct.

Please suggest what am I doing wrong in adding locations through backend or there is something wrong with the script. Thanks

Search results and Get Directions distance will not be same. Because search results work by radius, which means that the search results distance calculated from center point the of input search location. So it will return the results within the radius(selected from dropdown). Get direction is route between two points.

i bought some time back and configured it on a server

now i tired to migrate with and changed the database config but the search results does not come , category etc does come up this means it is getting connected tot he database .Pls advise if any thing else needs to be changed , any xml file etc

yr help will be really appreciated

Please write an email to with your website link. We will analyse the issues and will provide the solutions.

How can I add a location to more than one category?

This feature is not available in our product.

I´m pretty interested on buying this script, but before it, I would lik how does it manage with 10.000 locations or more. It loads all of them? Or just a maximum number of loations? Is it capable to reload after moving the map? I like pretty much the Airbnb system to load locations while moving the map..


It will handle it. We had provided application and map settings to customize your application and map. For more info, please check application documentation

I want to thank you for this fantastic script, AND for your quick and effective support, really efficient ! Thanks !

Good idee, but if anyone intends to build a good one. This is the challenge, it is a “Dutch Professional Stores Locator for the whole country”.
In the first textbox, you can put Category or Name of Business & the second textbox, the City or Street or Postcode, the result will a List of the same Category or the only Name of Business in the right City that you are looking for.
Got to try the Mobile version as well as the PC version. :-)
P.S. Looking forward to see your Next App!

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

You’re Welcome! We got to split the Info into 2 areas, Store Locator is for What & Where only and other Info. will be on the Website of the company itself. I am looking for it, but still couldn’t find a good one.

For better understanding, please write an email to with the brief(including the wire-frame).

Import function is timing out for me due to the quantity of records. Is it possible to load the records directly into db via sql with i.e. phpmyadmin?

I noticed there are 2 additional columns for latitude and longitude. Can these be left blank during sql import into db?

Thanks for your help.

It seems that Import function has now completely stopped working. I have tried many different address combinations. It is always reporting the same error: “Unable to find the address location in google map. Please check the address.”

Please write an email to with your excel locations along with your credentials.

Is it possible for users to sign up and make their own maps with this – rather than just the one admin user? Cheers

Sorry, this feature is not available.

error this level : 4) Administrator Account Creation

yes, created ;)

but not work , please help

Please write an email to with screenshot.

Hi there, are you able to carry out some customisations post purchase ?

Many Thanks

I just purcahsed and installed successfully on my site. On the home page of the app where it goes through the web server check of things there is a “next” button to continue setting it up. Well, when I click the button nothing happens? Can anyone help me figure this out? I am not a developer so explain in layman’s terms, lol.

hello, my name is nitul i wanted to buy this but hv sme queries…

1. How many store I can add ? 2. M nt using any CMS, I build my site frm custm level by usng PHP, so cn i use ur api ? 3. Its a one time payment right ?

I add a new admin user to database. if i login 2 user, logout seation. i want to many user admin login to my store locator. do u have it?!

i keep on getting a failed to load data

during installation

No support? Does it work?