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No Live demo?

Live demo will be up and running in a few hours. :)

If this application is embedded across multiple pages on a site and a logged in visitor navigates to another page containing the app, does he/she have to log back in or does the session from the previous page continue?


There is no logging for the users. They just have to type their name and message. If I have understood correctly yes, the user must fill-in his name again if they go on a different page which has the Shoutbox integrated. Cheers.

I updated the description and added a live demo. Enjoy!

Hi Whizzer It looks very nice!!! But apparently, something got broken at the end of the list… you might wanna check that up!

A slight bug with the server, nothing to worry about. It’s fixed now. :)

UFT -8 correct for nickname but message does not work with UFT -8 (for examle TURKISH )

Noticed, it will be fixed in an hour tops. :)

It’s OK now. :)

Of course, it’s accessed by /admin.php and the username and the password from the configuration file. It’s all explained in the documentation. :)

I’ve been using shoutmix for a couple of years now and it does the job but every now and again it is too slow or their servers are down and to top it off it’s a slow iframe. So I would jump all over this if ..

The name input could be tied into logged users or accept a registered user var. Prior to integrating shoutmix membership I’ve had too many people having conversations with either themselves or annoyingly impersonating others quite simply because they can change their name.

I think the spam filter may be a bit too harsh, if I had the word ‘ass’ in the spam filter and then someone types a message ‘pass the ball’ the whole message will be denied. A better solution would be to pad out the filtered word with something like stars or crosses so the user can see what they’ve done wrong.

An unbanip for the admin panel (loads the txt file) would be great.

In the admin panel under delete shouts you have the delete button next to each message can you do the same but with Ban ips next to each message?

Once the messages scroll off the bottom are they lost or can a user look at whats been said?

feature request: pop up private messages by clicking on the username would be brilliant.

Thank you, fudgesplit. About the username, I’ve used a well-established method for building shoutboxes. I know that people can change their names or chat with themselves but thats what the “Ban IPs” is for. About the removal of banned IPs and adding a link “Ban” next to “Delete” in Shouts I agree and these features will be added in the future. I can’t, however, add the private messaging feature. It requires a DB and user login/register. But I’m pretty sure I’ll add a new project here on CC, which will be a chatroom and will have all the extras I’ve missed here. Again, thanks for the recommendations. :)

demo does not work!

Actually it works. :)

Just bought your script.



For some reason when i type into the shoutbox…

it dont add the text to the shout.txt file..

why is this?


Maybe shout.txt is not writable? I answered your email, so we’ll discuss there in details whats wrong with your setup. :)

404 NOT FOUND on the shoutbox.

Please reupload.

How do you know what a person’s IP address is in order to ban it? The only identifier that the people are given are the time of their message and their name. Am I missing something somewhere?

Can I see a live demo… It’s not working.

Can I see a live demo too… It’s not working… 8-)

Here just a tip since this is very old now, update with bootstrap and clean it up for modern day and it will still work well.

Hello, link demo?

“Live demo will be up and running in a few hours.” Posted by dev almost 7 years ago!!!!