Ajax Shoutbox

Ajax Shoutbox

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This shoutbox is a chat-like extra which allows people to quickly send messages to each other. People can express opinions, chat and give you feedback about your website. This shoutbox uses AJAX so that people don’t have to refresh your page to view the messages. However, people who have javascript disabled can also post and read through the shoutbox. Excellent feature for your website to make it more dynamic and user-friendly.

Shoutbox Features:

  • Ajax powered (no need to refresh the page / uses jQuery)
  • Works also for people with disabled javascript
  • Easy and fast install (simply upload the files and the chat is working)
  • Smileys included.
  • Very easy to integrate into an existing website
  • Cross browser support
  • Magic quotes compatible
  • XSS secure
  • UTF -8 support
  • Very well commented PHP code
  • Valid xHTML and CSS
  • Elegant animations
  • SPAM/Bad words protection
  • Very secure

Shoutbox Admin Panel Features:

  • Delete messages.
  • Ban IPs
  • Add SPAM/Bad words to a filter (message is not submitted if it contains a bad/spam word)
  • Secure login

UPDATE: Fixed a minor bug in the main file. Enjoy!