Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro

This search was created after the success of the Ajax Serch Pro for Wordpress plugin. Many of you asked for a javascript version, here it is :)

Do you need to enhace your search engines look and feel? This is something for you. Ajax Search Pro is a jQuery powered search plugin, which was designed to enhance your current search engine.

Please note, this is a client side script! The actual search is done on the server side. Sample php file is included and please read the documentation for more information! :)

Check out the Search Generator script in action!

Tested with all major browser versions and variety of mobile devices!



  • Search generator script to ease your work with the layout
  • 37 pre-defined theme color variations for 4 theme groups
  • Multiple search plugins on one page – You can configure all of them separately!
  • Google Keyword Suggestions on no results (php class also included)
  • Responsive width
  • Images in results (an image parser php class also included)
  • Font, color, border, box shadow options
  • Keyword Highlighting in search results
  • Preview window on the admin page
  • Mobile support
  • Frontend Search options popup
  • Image caching
  • Very easy installation and set up
  • Powerful api for controlling the search from other frontend applications
  • jQuery powered, for the best possible compatibility

Version History
2012.11.27 - Initial Release