Discussion on Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

Discussion on Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

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And how it can be done so that the categories do not leave selected by default, if the customer’s Select?


Exclude them on the “Advanced options” panel, and the ones that are visible, but excluded, are going to be unchecked.



I´m looking for a WP plug in, where I could import a CSV info, in order to the customer could check his tracking number, does this pulg in works for this special job?

Thank you in advanced!



Hi Orlando!

The plugin can’t search CSV files unfortunately. If the data is imported as a custom post type, then it will however work.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Hello This is a pre-sales question. I’m currently using the Lite version and am thinking of buying the pro version. Can you please tell me: 1. I have added custom CSS to my child theme. Are the div tags and short codes the same in pro? 2. Can you prioritise the search in terms. I want Categories to come up as most relevant. 3. Will I need to delete lite version before installing pro?

Thank you


  • 1. The structure is almost the same, but the classes are a bit different. The class names that contain the prefix “asl_” are “asp_” in the pro version.
  • 2. Only with a minor modification to the code. Fortunately someone requested this about a week ago, here is the solution from the support forums:
  • 3. You don’t need to delete, only deactivate.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

I have two questions regarding functionality.

1: How do I setup the plugin so it searches “inside” keywords” for example when I search for “clip” it doesn’t find the item “partyclip”, but I search for “party” it does. I need this to work both ways.

2: Is there a way to make the “Redirect to search results page when hitting the return key?” option to return a woocommerce archive page with the products that fits the search?

Kind regards,


Hi Tobias!

1. By default it should work like that. Make sure that the fulltext search is turned off and the “OR” keyword logic is selected.

2. Right under that option there is an option called “Redirect to url?” where you can add the url to the archive pate. You can use the {phrase} variable, which is replaced with the actual search phrase.

Thank you sir! This plugin is amazing, just have to get a grip of all the settings :).

Hi, Can this plugin return image results as a gallery and have them open in a lightbox rather then a post?


Unfortunately not without custom coding.

Hi Guys, I am using this with the Royal Theme and when the plugin is active updating the theme admin does not work. If I turn off the plugin the theme admin updates work.

Any known conflicts with Visual Composer, Essential Grid, VC Ultimate, Master Slider, Slider Revolution and Live Chat? ?

The theme has a 4.5 star rating with 1788 downloads.



No known conflicts with those plugins. I’m very careful with compatibility, but unfortunately it’s a 2 way thing. There are several ways a theme can conflict with a plugin, the most likely thing is a so called “function redefinition error”. It happens if the theme declares a function that already exists without checking the existence. It’s very common, unfortunately only the theme dev can fix it permanetly. This can cause such issues, but I’m not sure.

The best way to find out what the issue is, is to enable debug mode and see if any error occurs when updating the theme options. It should print out something to the top of the page (warning, fatal error).

If you can do that, you can get back to me and I can probably tell instantly what’s wrong. Or you can also open a support ticket if you can give me temporary admin/ftp access and I will do it for you.

Although it can be something else, it’s my first guess based on my experience :)


I have got this plugin setup perfectly now except one thing. When I search for something that doesn’t exist it shows a kind of broken page mixed up with my custom 404 page and the override.

I use the override so I can search for categories and show all the items in that category.

But when there is nothing found I want to show my custom 404 page instead.

Is this possible?


I believe this is more likely to be related to the theme. But just in case, could you link me to that search page?


I must say that I have problem interpreting the following two Options regarding my search function:

1) Search shortcode: [wpdreams_ajaxsearchpro id=1]

Do I simply create a normal new post and paste the shortcode ia ASP button in an Editor?

2) Search shortcode for templates:

This is the Option I want to implement. My problem is, where the hell is can I find this php-file? where is it located? what is the path? I could not locate this file so to insert the above shortcode, ie.

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘wpdreams_ajaxsearchpro id=1’); ?>

The help document is not clear for a starter like myself. Could you help direct me by replying to the two questions? I would appreciate that very much.

Thanks in advance.

PS: May I give you my credentials for an admin so you could check my Ajax Search Pro properly. I have almost given up. I use OneCommunity Buddy Theme.


The main difference between 1. and 2. is that the 1. is meant to be placed into a post (or page or custom post) content. And yes, you can just create a post or a page and use the ASP button to add this shortcode.

The 2. (php shortcode) is meant to be placed into your sites theme. This is for cases when you need to place the search bar into a different location (like the site header or footer, or between posts etc..). These locations are only accessible by editing your sites theme files. These are found in the wp-content/themes/{the_current_theme_name} directory. If you however are unfamiliar with the theme structure and with php/html programming I strongly recommend not touching these files.

Also, if I recall correctly the OneCommunity Buddypress theme uses an integrated (probably a different) version of this plugin. If so, then you will have to ask the theme developer first, on how to completely remove the integration points in order to make this new one to work properly. I’m 100% sure that simply removing the old search files won’t help in this case.

If the search is not working at all, then this is most likely related to the theme because of the integration.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Thank you for the reply Ernest,

Will try to consult with the Theme creator about what you said and see where I get from there.

Appreciate your response. Regards


I just added ajax search to Uber Mega menu , it works fine, but the search result items are not clickable.


There might be an element hovering over the search results. If you can link me the page in question, I will check it out.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Hi anago,

I have a presales question. Does this plugin include searches of documents, like PDFs, in the Media Library?

Thanks for your help.


Document search is not possible unfortunately. Only posts, pages, custom post types, terms, buddypress users/groups are searchable.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko


I bought this item yesterday. Looks good, however I’m having trouble getting the plugins to search any tags. There is option in General->Sources that says “Search in terms? (categories, tags)”. Even if I click that and try to search using some of my tags, it doesn’t find anything. I need the search to return my posts either using tags or custom taxonomy.

If I create a new custom taxonomy type for example keywords and add some keywords to my post, search will find and link to these keywords but not to the posts they’re attached to. So that doesn’t work either.


Hm, interesting. I just tried this on my test servers and it works. This is either a configuration issue or an unknown bug.

If you are using fulltext search, try to turn it off under the “Ajax Search Pro -> Fulltext search settings” submenu. This can be a primary cause. Fulltext sql queries usually disregard most of the common words.

If that’s not the case, then please open a support ticket. Please also provide temporary admin/ftp details, so I can check your configuration a perform debugging on the search query.


Hi and thanks for your reply. Fulltext search was turned off so that’s not the case here. I now opened a support ticket with WP admin details.

Hey, do not leave the results of my blog, I look words that are in degree and post and finds,, Greetings


You have excluded every category so there is nothing to find. If you include a few categories you have results:

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

enter la mari

After selecting all the categories, I get these results:


Can i search on woocommerce variation SKU’s




Since the product SKU is a custom field, yes it can. All you need to do is select the _sku custom field:

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Hello, pre-sale question:

its possible use two text input areas?

esp. one for keyword, one for location?

thank you

I try little bit more specific :) one field is keyword.. two field is input with autosuggest – instead of dropdown, checkbox – with custom post types..

thank you for answer


Using multiple text input fields is unfortunately not possible.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Hi, After searching for a while, I really like this one …the design and everything else looks great, but I have some questions

Can it search for posts within categories?, meaning searching by category will it show the results within it?

I have many posts and if I wanted to have the results layout along the screen (similiar layout when you click show more results) Can this be done?


I mean the four search layout look impressive but can I also have a normal search layout where all the posts are displayed along the screen and not just inside the small box?


1. Yes it is possible to search based on terms (categories, tags). It will show the result related to that category or term.

2. You can switch the action of the magnifier or enter key to redirect to the default search results page, so it will act like the normal search bar.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Thank You!! I just purchased it and love it! 5 stars…

Hello, I would like to purchase your product, but I have one question first. Can I use this to search an external database? I am looking for a fully featured plugin like yours that will allow me to display results of my separate database within my wordpress theme. Thank you!


External databases are not supported mostly for security reasons. Only single/multisite installations are supported for now.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Thank you Ernest, just to verify, if the database is stored on the same server, would I be able to query it?


It’s still considered as external. It’s only possible to query the wordpress posts table for posts/pages/custom post types and buddypress content. I’m planning to create a custom query builder at some point which should support custom database search, but it’s a long way from now.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Is this Plugin compatible with the “Easy Translation Manager for WordPress” plugin? Availabe in codecanyon in here:

I am not using WPML and I don’t want to use it. I prefer the “Easy Translation Manager for WordPress”.

The WPML makes duplicated content for translation but the Easy Translation Manager for WordPress does not duplicate content, instead it loads the original content with the different language called by a tag in the URL, i.e (

I dont know if other multi-language plugins out there use this same method or the WPML one (duplicate content). Can you give us details of compatibility between your Plugin (Ajax Search Pro) and the main multi-language plugins available out there, like Transposh, Polylang, WPML and Easy Translation Manager?

Your plugin is a very essential and wonderfull plugin but it lacks multi-language support besides WPML. Perhaps you can increase your sales even more with this kind of multi-language support.

Thank You!


WPML is an exception because of the duplicated content. Minor modifications were needed to make it work properly. There is also qTranslate, it had been requested many times, a tiny modification made it work. I also encountered a few other language plugins which worked without any changes to the code, I can’t remember their name to be honest. Many of these plugins store the translated content together with the original, thus making it possible to query their content. This plugin makes a customized database query towards the database, so if the translation is stored within the post description/title etc. it will work. Outputting the results in the correct language might be more problematic.

I suggest you try the lite version of the plugin first, you can find it in the plugin database, it’s called Ajax Search Lite. If by any chance that works with that language plugin, the pro version will do as well.

I think I will buy a copy of the plugin soon and add the compatibility to the (very soon) upcoming version.

Best regards, Ernest Marcinko

Hi, you told that it will be possible to search within buddypress profile fields. Any info when this will be possible?!


Very nice plugin, i’m very happy. There’s only one problem. My (woocommerce) items are not clickable.

What’s wrong?


It looks like that Advanced Ajax Page loader integration options are enabled. You should turn off those options on the “General Options -> Advanced Ajax Page loader options” tab:

Oh, thainks! It works….great plugin and the options are very well!

Hi, 1) Can the plugin show how many results were found? 2) Can there be pagination with a vertical layout? Basically I want it to do the same as in the screenshot below: Please let me know. Thanks, Blair

3) Also, can results show up Alphabetically (A-Z) rather than by date or id?


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