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Hi, i have a question before buying this plugin. Can i create a filter with these 3 options? 1) Filter by date 2) Filter by rating and 3) Filter by keywords. Best regards


Filters can be created on taxonomy terms, custom fields (post or custom post type meta) and there are some other generic fitlers as well. So this depends.
  1. Yes – if you mean filtering by post date or by a custom field that contains the date.
  2. Maybe, depending on how the rating is stored. If it is a custom field of numeric values, you could create a range-slider filter on it for example.
  3. This should be also possible – if the keywords are either taxonomy terms, or some sort of custom field values.

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko

Thanks for your clear and quick response =)

Hi I bought your plugin quite long time ago…so I’m not here for support but just to tell you that there’s a bug or an issue on the backend side.

I discover it because one of my collaborator was trying to filter the posts on the backend. So I tested in a local website with only wp 4.9.1 and your search plugin.

Try to insert some articles…go to the posts page and try to filter the posts ( With the wordpress filters ). They won’t work, you won’t have any filtering.

If you deactivate Ajax Search Pro everything will work fine.

Check it out! Regards


Make sure to have the latest release installed (4.11.10), this was anknown issue within the previous one. After upgrading it should start working fine.

Best, Ernest

Pls, this plugin work with WP JOB MANAGER?


It should work without problems with job listings, as they are stored them as custom post types – which is supported.

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko

I use ACF PRO. Is it possible to do something like this with this plugin? https://www.epey.com/akilli-telefonlar/


Well something similar should be doable, some of them are on these pages:

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko

I want to apply it to this page. Maybe you can help? https://cepkolik.com/cep-telefonu/ (right widget)


Do you want to apply the filters to the page layout itself? Because that is not possible. The plugin needs to use it’s own result container.

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko


Your plugin seems amazing but I don’t know if it will work with my theme… I own a classic video game website and I want to let users search by differents categories and/or taxo.

I will have to create a full custom page in order to make your plugin work ( the dev of the theme told me that) but I don’t know what it means. If I buy your plugin would you help me to install it correctly?

Plus, is your plugin compatible with visual composer’s post grid?

Is all that possible? If yes, would it cost me an additional amount or is the help to install your plugin is included in the price?

Thanks :)


Hi Alexis,

The plugin was built to work with any theme out there. There are shortcodes available, that you can place anywhere into the page content.

Unfortunately installations services are not part of the plugin support, we cannot offer such service, I’m sorry.

By compatibility with VC ‘post grid’ do you mean, if the plugin can use the output of the grid to display results? Unfortunately that is not possible, there is a separate output container for the search results with it’s own layout.

Feel free to also check the following contents:

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko

hello when I click enter on keyboard placing in ajax search pro is headed like this (www.domain/?phrase=) I wanted to know how to remove this (/?phrase=) (https://prnt.sc/i1j6be) in a search engine on my site I wanted it to look like this way (/?s=) (https://prnt.sc/i1j6f9) i hope you understand thanks


The plugin should redirect to the ’/?s=..’ page by default. If not, that may indicate a fatal scrit error on the page, which prevent a redirection. I recommend checking the javascript error console, it may reveal where the issue is coming from.

Feel free to open a support ticket, I can check it out if you want to.

Best regards,
Ernest Marcinko

hello wpdreams, can you please answer email i send from hear https://wp-dreams.com/contact/ thanks

Hi there, awesome plugin, thank you so much! Is it possible to exclude posts by a custom field value? I’m not seeing an option for this, and I’ve tried filtering my results with:

add_filter("asp_query_args", "asp_query_args_change", 1, 2);

function asp_query_args_change($args, $search_id) {
  $args['post_meta_filter'] = array();

  // Usage with operators
  $args['post_meta_filter'] = array( 
        'key'     => 'exclude_from_kit_finder',
        'value'   => '1',
        'operator' => 'LIKE',

But it’s not working…