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Hello, I´ve just purchase your Ajax Search Form and have a question for you I’d like to do a search clicking a button instead of typing a key word. For example: I’d like to search houses, so instead of typing “houses” there is a button name “houses”. How can I do this?, thank you and sorry about my English, I´m from Argentina

hello,i want to buy your product.i have some question.does it(your product) can search inner website content without outer website content?and i and when i input a keyword and search,it will turn into the title page?


Can I use this for a simple HTML website? I have 20 pages, one for a different product. I do not need to really search inside the pages content, I just want a tool that I can create some text file to determine what search criterias take to what website – like assigning a search criteria always to a result. For example:

“fruits”—> /frutis.html “pineaple”—> /fruits.html “Nissan”—> /cars.html “auto”—> /cars.html Etc…

Does your software do that?


Hello, does it work without Mysql Database ?

Hi zmeutz, a quick question, can I use this on themeforest awesome-trip, what I am trying to say is that, I have the awesome-trip html and would like to whether I could integrate this within it thanks in advance

Hi great code thanks i’m happy for this shop! Only one question: how i can search terms in 5 columns???? thanks

Hello, I need to create a site showing results by entering the identity card, for example: 12345678-9 123456789 or also, could you help me?

Work this with PHP 7?

I could not install this script to my site. Does not work with SQL. Could u help me?

is this scripyt still supported? do we need a database

I like to add my google or banner on the right side of the results can this be done? Also I have many links on my website can I add all my links to this searches? like store url, blog, url, event url and have it display with image and nicely like your demo?

My goal is to add millions of webistes and use like my own search engine can I do this? it looks pretty fast?