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Hello, I´ve just purchase your Ajax Search Form and have a question for you I’d like to do a search clicking a button instead of typing a key word. For example: I’d like to search houses, so instead of typing “houses” there is a button name “houses”. How can I do this?, thank you and sorry about my English, I´m from Argentina

hello,i want to buy your product.i have some question.does it(your product) can search inner website content without outer website content?and i and when i input a keyword and search,it will turn into the title page?


Can I use this for a simple HTML website? I have 20 pages, one for a different product. I do not need to really search inside the pages content, I just want a tool that I can create some text file to determine what search criterias take to what website – like assigning a search criteria always to a result. For example:

“fruits”—> /frutis.html “pineaple”—> /fruits.html “Nissan”—> /cars.html “auto”—> /cars.html Etc…

Does your software do that?


Hello, does it work without Mysql Database ?

Hi zmeutz, a quick question, can I use this on themeforest awesome-trip, what I am trying to say is that, I have the awesome-trip html and would like to whether I could integrate this within it thanks in advance

Hi great code thanks i’m happy for this shop! Only one question: how i can search terms in 5 columns???? thanks

Hello, I need to create a site showing results by entering the identity card, for example: 12345678-9 123456789 or also, could you help me?

Work this with PHP 7?


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I could not install this script to my site. Does not work with SQL. Could u help me?

is this scripyt still supported? do we need a database