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Nice Idea. You might want to consider a different / additional trigger to display the preview for touchscreen / mobile visitors?

Thanks for idea. I’ll consider it in next release. I’ll let you know the progress

Hi nice! but i need more options for example to show the entire post not over when you click on the title, is that possible?

Something else that is works when you over the thumnail post? Thanks

Every theme developer put a permalink on title and it is supposed to take the single post page when clicking on it. So i am not sure people will like this feature. But i’ll consider it as you’ve asked. About thumbnail, yeah it’s possible and i’ll add it in next release.

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Hi there. Good looking plugin. Would you mind adding a post to the demo site please that has paragraph and other formatting, so I can see whether the formatting shows in the preview?

Many thanks Richard

Sorry for late response, I was away for a few days. Yeah i made some changes in demo site as you requested. In the second post, you’ll see the post formatting working.

Previously there was a bug in post formatting so i updated this plugin.

However, note that, the html part of the formatting works properly, but the css part may vary based on differnt themes. So if you don’t see your expected result (which is rare), then you have to add some css manually (you can do it from plugin options).

Thanks for asking

Is this plugin able to pull images linked in the post content on the preview as well?

Yes, this plugin can pull images linked in the post content. thanks

Hi would this also display the “comment” portion of the post if that is present at the end of the post and allow comments?


sorry, it doesn’t display comments. It only displays what you write in the post content section

Will this display videos that are in a post?

If your video is added inside the post editor, e.g here: http://awesomescreenshot.com/00b3sxir8d Then it’ll display video


is there any chance to get this work with posts shown via Visual Composer. Maybe it works quite beautiful for standard wordpress themes, but on mine, there is just shown nothing.

VC is, I think, the most used plugin – globally – so, comatibility would be grant some extra customers.

I’ll look into this and get back to you. Thanks

Hello, are you still developing this? Does it work with the latest WP?

Yeah it works with the latest WP, and i just released the new version

Will this expand any shortcodes present in a post?

Well I’ve got the plugin installed at http://seekeraftertruth.com and none of the content is showing – shortcodes included. Any clues?

Please create a support request here: http://kowsarhossain.com/ajax-post-preview/support/

Also please mention your login credential if possible so that i can check. Thanks

Hi. Is this plugin still updated and working?

well, i loved it. Bit now it is a little expensive ;)

A little? funny. :p

are you mad? is this price actual?? are you drunk? $9999999 ? is codecanyon gone mad who accepted this item??? we can buy a rangover or many support cars, or a hellicopter in this price,

When Codecanyon approved, the actual price was less than $20. Now Price is increased to pause sale for the time being, it’s a strategic decision. Thanks

oh yes, but why codecanyon not approving my item? i effort on an item, twice, no copy, attractive design, awesome documentation, but still rejected, have you an idea?

It’s better to ask this question with more details in Envato/Codecanyon forum, that way you might get reply from experienced authors or actual reviewers. Or you can ask this on Facebook group “Envato Authors”

really? the price is $9999999 and you already have 12 customer? would you mind to share some _

Hi It really has a high price Please reduce the price to be affordable With this price you do not intend to sell.

I want to buy your stupid Ajax dummy plugin, but I do not have $10000000 can I pay you $9 million dollars instead of the 10 million
really the brain is a gift from god !!!!!!