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is it compatible with latest wp version

Hello, yes it is.

Hello, i’m so happy with this plugin, today haven’t any problem at the moment with it but i know i will have with one thing. The option that said “How many posts in first page” are having problem with all of my counts. I want to disable that option because somethings i need different counts. i don’t know if disable is posible or if is posible have low priority, because i want to change the counts of woocommerce the number of product to display in the firs page, some landing page that display lastes post that i uso for instagram link and in my menu that use previous post.

Hello and thanks for buying this plugin. Unfortunately there is no way to disable this option. The only way is to modify the plugin code or to override from your theme (if there is in your theme such option).

I found that your plugin has a conflict with Advanced Custom Field’s repeater field. Is this a known issue with this plugin? If so, I may need to get a refund, as my entire site is built with ACF fields.

Hello and thanks for buying. What exactly was the conflict?

The conflict is that when I’m using the repeater field on Advanced Custom Fields, one or two of the fields, likely attachment images, don’t display at all. When I deactivate your plugin everything works as it should. Therefore, since I cannot use your plugin, I would like a refund. How do I go about getting that.

This plugin is not working on my site. It only making duplicate of previous posts, not showing next page posts. See this screenshot.

Now i will make custom functionality for this. Please refund for this plugin, its useless and not updated from last 3 years.

okay, but how i use this with shortcode on other pages or sidebar ?

How i stop this to apply on other pagination section of the site ? Now its changing full site pagination to ajax pagination. I want this for a specific page only. Please reply me asap. Client is angry on me. So i purchased this to solve my problem asap. Please reply me fast.

Now no need to reply. My developer used other plugin and solve my issue. Please refund me back. I d’nt want to use this plugin.

Can you use this plugin for search results? I’m using ElasticSearch.

Yes but you need to rebind plugin if you fetch search results with Ajax. Check documentation section callbacks.

Does this plugin overwrite the current pagination? Theme in use is: Custom Community

Thank you for your assistance.

Yes this plugin overwrite default pagination through JavaScript as long as you specify the correct css selectors in plugin settings (if your theme doesn’t use the common).

Thank you for your fast reply, much appreciated! Have a great day! :))


I’m looking offer rotation capability on my WP site to take users through a series of offers while keeping them on the same page. Here is an example of what I want to do: Choosing either button will take you to the next offer while keeping you on the same page. Can I do this with Ajax pagination & Infinite Scroll for posts?

Thank you

Yes as long as you have already set up pagination you can use either load more button or infinite scroll functionality (configurable through settings).


I want to refund my money because this plugin didn’t work with my themes and it makes many problems with Visual Composer plugin.


Ok request refund. It seems to work when you scroll down but breaks some of elements in your theme.

OK. Thank you for your understanding of the situation.


marindee Purchased

Your plugin works fine for the default repeater template that I’m using for my News template of site, but I purchased the add-on repeaters to the plugin so I could also use it on my Archives template, which is built slightly different. However, my Archives keep using the default template, anyway. I added id’s to both in the shortcode and each template uses a different css_class, but it still doesn’t know which template to use. I also, tried using the “repeaters” in the theme template method as well as using them directly in the Admin, but it’s the same issue. How do I force my Archives to use my new repeater template?


marindee Purchased

I actually discovered the issue. I forgot to add the repeater=”template_1 to my shortcode, but that brings up another issue… How do I limit my archived posts, to just the category that my archives are on? Is there a category variable that I need to put into my shortcode?


marindee Purchased

Darren, helped me with these issues. All solved. Thanks Darren!