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Forget this plugin. It uses Flash although it doesn't show anywhere. You can only know if you check the support comments.
If you ask for a refund because of that it will be denied. Don't use QuanticaLabs software.

Requires flash for this plugin to work. This is absurd for given the state of web development nowadays

Doesnt work at all :/ No documentation about usage, and when implementing the code (shortcode) it only shows errors. Tride several codes, nothing works...


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Please create new topic on our Support Forum - and our support team will help you with your issues. Thank you!

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Je ne suis pas content. Ce plugin ne fonctionne pas bien. Il en existe des gratuits qui fonctionnent aisément. Celui-ci est très complexe pour l'installation et mélange css, php et ajax. Pas très simple pour s'y retrouver. J'aimerai trouver un moyen de me faire rembourser.

I'm not happy. This plugin does not work well. There are free ones that work easily. This one is very complex for the installation and mixes css, php and ajax. Not very easy to navigate. I would like to find a way to get my money back.

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