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I cannot access the support forum as it doesn’t recognise my purchase code from my pdf. I want a customer support email address I can contact to help me access the support forum. I don’t see why this needs to be so complicated?

The technical issue I’m having is that I install the plugin and then put shortcode on a page. The upload “browse” button appears, allowing me to select a file, but then after selecting a file it doesn’t actually upload it. Nothing happens. I’ve wasted the last two hours trying to work out what I’m doing wrong but my code is identical to the examples on the examples page. And I’ve wasted yet more time trying to access the support area of the website or even find a contact email address!

Please make sure that you’ve made the purchase from this account as I can’t see the ‘Purchased’ label next to your nickname. You can contact me via contact form in my profile. Please send me your purchase code and I’ll check what is wrong.

Can this plugin have the users’ uploaded file(s) emailed directly to me rather than upload to the gallery section of my wordpress dashboard?

Yes, you can receive the uploaded files to your email, there is sendemail parameter available.

Hi, I want to know if is possible use your plugin in a online store. In this store, the product will be photo sizes and the user will do the upload and the image should be the size of the product (for example: 10×15 cm). In the end, the image is send to the shopping cart. Is possible with your plugin?

You will need to make the integration and sending the image into other page (like shopping cart) on your own. The plugin is providing upload mechanism and form integration parameters but it won’t integrate automatically with your system.

Hi, I’m wondering if there is the uploaded images can be held for moderation before it gets published? And can it be attched to the post where it was uploaded from?

Yes, you can set the attachment status in upload.php file on line 91, by default it is set to inherit:

'post_status' => 'inherit',
Upload script supports postId parameter, anyway you’ll need to modify source code of ajax_multi_upload.php file and pass the current post id as parameter there.

Is it possible to upload .csv, .xml ando .json files?

Yes, you can upload any type of files.

Please clearly mark that this plugin requires FLASH. For any public site this is a major problem. I’ve just asked for my money back.

There is information under ‘Files Included’ section that SWF/FLV files are included. We are also providing live preview site where you can test the plugin before purchase. We are planning to replace flash uploader with HTML5 one in the future.

All you had to do was say. “This plugin requires FLASH which is not installed by default in your users navigators and cannot be installed on iPhones”. I’m horrified you refuse to give me my money back and have raised a disput. Obviously it’s not the $13 that bugs me, it’s that I feel cheated.

Yes, the plugin requires Flash but we are providing live preview demo site where it can be tested before purchase, we are also not hiding the information that FLV files are used.

hi ! Could be this used in order to customize the classic wordpress upload window , allowing to the users with registration upload images to the website ? ( without using any another plugin )

The plugin could work only in the front-end. The files will be uploaded to WP Media Library but the uploader will not replace WP default one in admin area.

Yes , yes this is the intention i am going to provide you with a concrete example of what i need as a private message. thanks for your time !

update : sent

Ok, thank you! I’ll send you a reply soon.

Hi I have a few pre-sales questions. Can you redirect the page on completion of upload? Also you mention in the comments you can change the location of the folder to a custom folder. From what I gather this is done by editing the code for the plugin. Is this the only way as this will surely be overwritten when the plugin is updated? Thanks

Yes, please check example 4 here: After you will submit the form, the file will be uploaded and then you will be redirected to another page.
By default files will be uploaded into WP Media Library in your admin area. If you would like to change that, you will need to make changes in plugin code.

Hello, PreSale Question, I want to force a minimum of 2 files to upload, is this possible with this plugin?

Yes there is filesMin parameter available for that.

Don’t bother wasting your money on this…documentation is so poor u’lll never work it out unless you are very familiar with shortcode! Even then good luck…0 Stars

If you have any problems with shortcode configuration, please create new topic on our Support Forum and our suppor team will help you. In documentation you can find the list of all available shortcode parameters with descriptions.

HI, I am interested in buying the plugin but first I want to know if this is good for what I am trying to Build. I need a form with 2 or 3 file upload, Need to upload a pdf file, a jpg and a doc file. After submiting save everyhing in database/wordpress. I checked the examples but they are a bit confusing.

Plugin has an option to store submitted forms in the database and display the data in WP admin area under ‘Upload Submissions’. You can also use multiple upload inputs in one form.

hi guys, i need to use this plugin with my website app, with appresser, do you know is it ok??? so another question, is it possible to sync the upload with a dropbox folder?? thanks

Unfortunately we are not able to help you with integration with mentioned external solutions. Probably you will need to prepare some custom code to make the plugin work with them

its not working, please check here

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

¿Can allow all extensions?

Is there any expression like : Allowed File Extensions: .

Yes, there is fileExt parameter available to set.

Please, confirm if it’s not necessary to write a white list extensions. I need the plugin allow all extensions without write a white list.


By default plugin is not preventing any extension, anyway please note that your server or WordPress may block some files.