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Hello is it possible to have multiple upload fields or buttons on one page? Thank you for your help.

Yes, you can have multiple upload inputs on one page.

You’re welcome!

Very bad, too expensive for a simple script.

If you don’t know how to use shortcodes, don’t buy this plugin ! Because you have to create yourself your own shortcode.

- Sending email is not working
- Can’t change the storage folder
- Display error
- After validation, a 404 page is displayed
- No list in the admin, to quickly see submit files
- To get help, you must create an account on the Forum

Bad, bad, bad :-(

To send emails you need to configure the shortcode and your email details under Upload Submissions->Email template. You also need to set appropriate submit page, to not get 404 error. List of uploaded files can be viewed under Media in admin area. There are many questions answered on the forum, so I think it’s worth to create an account which will take you just few seconds (you need to provide only username and purchase code).

Hi, This could be just the thing I’m looking for after being let down by another plugin. Can you please just confirm I Can do the following:

On a WordPress Page add a upload feature that will ask for three mandatory fields to be completed and a file upload option?

Once uploaded the admin will get an email to say a file has been uploaded and finding the file will be straightforward via the dashboard.

Do you have a user guide for this product.

Thanks in anticipation of a quick answer.

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Does this WP Version support all the same features as non-wordpress version? For example, image & text watermarks?

When you get a chance, please hop into the Forums and check my ticket.

I’ve just replied.

Hello Presales question… I am looking for an uploader that will work on mobile devices. this script doesn’t seem to be responsive, is it ?

also, when you hit browse will it open a gallery on an iphone or android ? Thanks (sorry, so I get an email to tell me you replied)

The plugin is using flash, so it won’t work on mobile devices with no support for flash.


I am planning yo purchase this plugin. but I have a few doubts, please can you help me with these

1) Can we upload .zip file form front-end?

2) When I open wp media gallery > add new it shows

Maximum upload file size: 750 MB.

But when I try to upload a zip file that is hardly 200mb, it gives a HTTP error. Can I upload .zip files around 1gb through this plugin?

3) What is the max upload size limit?

http://designmont.com/phpinfo.php Do you think I can upload files around 1gb zip files.

4) What are the form elements that are included other than name? I want to add email and 2 text areas to the form. Is this possible? If not I have formcraft plugin, so can I integrate with it with a single submit button.

I have no coding skills. So please help me with these and tell me if this plugin will solve my problem?

Thank you Dheeraj

1) Yes, script can upload any type of file.
2) 3) Plugin doesn’t limit the upload file size, so it depends on your server settings. There are few parameters besides ‘upload_max_filesize’ which you need to take into account like ‘max_execution_time’ for example.
4) You can build any form, plugin provides uploader not a form builder. So you need to build form on your own and then integrate uploader with it. Some examples of how to do that are included.


kcsf Purchased


First, love your plugin…works well.

We’ve implemented filename changes using the ‘data’ parameter, and modifying upload.php per several comments.

ie. line 29
$fileName = $_POST["ecvprefix"] . " - " . $_POST["ecvfilename"] . " - " . $_POST["ecvsuffix"]/* . time()*/;
We also added updated the alt text like so, on line 94
wp_update_attachment_metadata( $attach_id,  $attach_data );                update_post_meta($attach_id,'_wp_attachment_image_alt',$_POST["ecvalt"]);

Two questions:

1. The first change updates the “File name” & “Post Title” as shown in the wordpress image editor. BUT it doesn’t update the actual file name (as shown in html src and “File URL” in image editor). How do we update that as well??

2. Will you consider adding hooks & filters to your plugin, so we can move our code out of upload.php (so updates don’t wipe it)?


Thank you!
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Can these uploads implement with a wordpress custom post? I would like the files to upload and return an attachment id? is that possible?

Yes, plugin can create custom post with files attached to it. Additionally if you will pass the post id to upload script, it will attach uploaded file to your post.

Hi ,

Can it replace the ‘wordpress media upload’ ?(no media picking ,upload a media ,will auto replace the last one) Thanks

I don’t understand your question. Could you ask it using other words? Thank you!

doesnt work at all for me so many errors I should have never bought this what a waste of money

I’m sorry for your inconveniences. Please create new topic on our Support Forum and our support team will help you with plugin. Thank you!

Hi. I am interested in purchasing this plugin. Does it support uploading as a Featured Image?

Hi, I’ll need to check this. As I’m on holidays right now, I’ll answer your question in next week. Anyway if this will not be available, then we’ll help you to add such a functionality in a scope of after purchase support.


mervyn Purchased

can i integrate for bbpress to make it available for file uploading to forum topic..?

If you have coding skills then yes. Anyway plugin will not integrate automatically.

Does this plugin work on mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad etc?

Plugin is using flash, so it will work only on devices with flash support.

clients upload their artwork for me to print. How hard would it be for the dimensions ex.(72”x24”) near the uploaded artwork? It would help on quality assurance so there is a record of the size they submitted.

I’m not sure if I’ve well understood your question but if you would like to display thumbnails after upload, it’s of course possible. Please check example 3 on live preview: https://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-multi-upload-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/144658

Thanks, wha tI am looking for, is when a client uploads their artwork. That somewhere next to the upoad, or next to the filename or somewhere that it also shows the length and width of that artwork. In inches perhaps. So if they upload a 24”x36” file, I want it to extract that dimension and present it somewhere.

This way it shows the customer exactly what size they uploaded so there is no questions later.

Hope that makes sense!

Ok, I understand. Unfortunately plugin doesn’t return such an information. It’s possible to display it but some custom code modifications will be required.

I got a question. Can I show the “select files” to a non-logged in person? As far as I can see I can’t.

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Hi there,

I’m interrested in that plugin. What I need do know: is there a possibility, to add a file browser for the uploaded file on the frontend? e.g. on a page for members (frontend), where everyone can see the uploaded files. Is there a folder structure possible as well?

Thanks in Advance

Plugin is not including uploaded file browser. We can add it for you as a custom job if you’re interested. Anyway files will be uploaded to WordPress Media Library, so you can use some plugin which is displaying the Media Library files on the frontend.


I use classipress theme version 3.5.8. This plugin (AMU) can workly correct for upload image used ajax updated in classipress?


Please check our dedicated ClassiPress uploader plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/classipress-ajax-image-uploader/673034


I just purchased the “ClassiPress Ajax Image Uploader” plugin and, after selecting photos, I get the “HTTP Error” error and do not upload photos. In addition, it deforms the form I’m using classipress v3.5.8. Please help me resolve the error.

Thank you

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

I have a custom file extension – will this plugin be able to manage that and then run a custom php script on the file?

Yes, you can use any extension. Plugin is processing each uploaded file via upload.php script, so you can put your custom code there.

Hello! Can this plugin upload to custom post type or standard post and attach uploaded image as featured? Thanks

Yes, that is possible. You can attach multiple images to post and they will be visible as post attachments and inserted into post content. If you would like to have image as featured for post you’ll need to edit source plugin code.