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hi good form,before to purchase i need to do a question, can i send also a file?so when i connect from my telephone i can take a picture o choose from my libraries. thanks Piero

Hi Piero, I’m sorry but the script doesn’t support this function.

Best regards.

Hello, How to set All page to Right To Left (RTL)?

This is a good question. I’m finding a solution for you…

I got this script included with a purchase of Mobilize.

The “Are You Human” function does not work. I’ve tried it on two different servers where I know I have PHP working properly.

I’m getting an error that says: “Warning: Creating object from empty value in …/.../language.php on line 2.”

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi there, you can try to add this code before the first code line: $language= new stdClass;

Let me know. Regards

Thanks. That solved the “Warning” issue and now the page loads without the warning.

I am still not getting the captcha puzzle ( 3+4, etc.). To be honest, I can do without the captcha if everything else would work.

There is also no “Validation” warning if you hit “Submit” without filling in required fields. And hitting “Submit” in any condition simply reloads the page. There is no “Success” indication.

I really appreciate your help on this. The code works on the Mobilize demo page, and I have gone through the code on there pages and it seems to match my page.

I did notice that the word “captcha” was misspelled several times on the “contact.js” file, but not in calls for files.

I have tried this on two different servers both of which have other php contact functions working properly, so I don’t think there is a server issue.

Do I need set any permissions and the files and folders?


Maybe he has changed the script, I don’t know. I only can tell you that in your site a file is missing.

Can you supply me with that script?

Is it included in the package here?

If I can integrate that into my site, I’ll just buy it here. You’ve already given me more than $6 worth of attention which I sincerely appreciate.

Please, send me and email. Thanks

Hello, I’ve just purchased this file and it is working but there is no way for the user to go back to the website once the email has been sent. Is there a way to add a link so that the user can get back to the home page?

Maybe the “back” button can be edited to take the user back to the home page instead of back to the form?


Hi, thank you for contact us.

Sure, you have to edit index.php at line 90. So you can replace href="index.php" with href="MY_HOME_LINK".


Hello, I need to insert data to a mysql table, I’m trying with the Dreamweaver “Insert Record” server behaviour, but it doesn’t work. Email sent, no errors, but no data in my table. Thanks

Hi, the script does not able natively to store data to a database, but I can edit the script for you. Please send me an email if you are interesting. Regards.

Ok, I’m interested, mail me to area91@tiscali.it

HI, I need some info before to buy. I need a form with datapickers, checkbox, select drop and down, captcha, upload and download file, email validation, privacy and message for error and right send (like ajax message). I neet too insert more form in one page. Can I do it with your amzing form ?

2 days and still nothing

Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday. I’m sorry, but the script doesn’t allows to upload files. Also you can only insert one form per page. If you want I can create a script for you for what you need. If you are interested please contact me privately.



is this form fully working when migrating it in an app page through Cordova framework for iOS ?

Sorry, but I have never used Cordova and I can’t confirm you that the script will work fine.

Hi there, I just purchased this, installed it, and it seems to be working. Two things though:

1) I don’t see a single word in the User Guide, or any code comments, about the mailing list function. How does it work? How can I integrate it to a mailing list like phpMailer or Aweber?

2) When I select each entry field, I am not seeing the CSS field selected “highlighted white border”. Should I see it as in the video? Any idea what is wrong? I am using FireFox.