Ajax Login/Registration Bar WordPress

Ajax Login/Registration Bar WordPress

Ajax Login/Registration Bar lets your users login and register to your website in simpler, modern, secure and effective way.


Ajax Login/Registration Bar is a complete for making website awesome but letting you users login and register from anywhere. We bet to you that it is best of its kind. Now simply modernize the login and registration on your website with our plugin in just few seconds. Just activate the plugin and feel the difference. It is more secure than default system too.

Major features

  • Just 1 click installation, no shortcodes.
  • Completely ajax and jQuery based .
  • Remember password & validation alert.
  • Default lost password retrieval.
  • Auto redirection on login and logout.
  • Enable/Disable Registration box from settings.
  • Enable/Disable captcha on click.
  • Admin Panel with multiple options.
  • Complete form validation with WP-error included.
  • jQuery based Alert boxes .
  • Works with all WordPress plugins and themes.


Upload the loginbar folder to your blog or website, Activate it, And you are done!!!!! Amazed?? Yes it so simple yet powerful.


I have a dedicated support website to get to you as soon as possible in an organized way. Just goto : and you will get replied within 12 hours.

If you people like my work and service , please give me 5 star review. :)


2013/6/5   - v1.3 * Major update on system 
2012/12/26 - v1.2  * Design Fixed.
2012/12/22 - v1.1  * Captcha Added.
2012/12/21 - v1.0  * Initial release.

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