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Awesome – is it easy to then add this to projects? Any documentation you can show? Thanks!

You can easily integrate this to any php website. The documentation is attached with the script. If you still feel trouble integrating it.I am always available to help you out.I will guide you. Thanks

I have attached the sample image of documentation to the item details.You can check it

i tried the online demo. its simple and awesome. definitely going to but it! recommended to everyone.

Thanks :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks:) Feel free to ask any question if you have in your mind..

Have you purchased the script..?

Just what I needed, you saved me :) The login works fine, registration will now implement but should work like the login :) Excellent code

The script is clean and easy to take control. We can used for various projects without any problem. The support is very responsive, and we are ready to help Thank you again and good luck :-)

Any chance of getting a “Forgot Password” function?

Any chance that you could send me the updated version directly? I have purchased a license, and I am working on something that really needs the password reset functions soon.

contact me

Cool! Just sent you an email. Thanks!!

Passwords aren’t encrypted?

Nope..do you want encryption?

Hi. What’s the username and password for the demo?

Now i found the issue on your browser.You browsers is not accepting the javascript.You have to enable the javascript of your browser. Now could you please again open the website.If javascript is not allowed then you will see the message to enable the javascript ..

Wrong again – I’m a developer too. http://i.imgur.com/7QswtUE.png

Thanks for again showing the image.Could you please let me know when you open my website .Do you see that you need to enable javascript??

Nice work, Can I protect “private.php” page in case anyone tries the loads directly? Best regards.

Yes.you can

Great, and if I want to access with admin user to pageadmin.php and how simple user without modify page how can I do? May You help me? Please.

Yes.. I will help you.email me

I have one more script.check in my profile..user management

I have one more script.check in my profile..user management

Hi I just purchased this Login / Register form and was just curious if there is a password encryption addition or update? I love this form but need passwords to be encrypted. Thanks.

Hello, I have one more script User Login Register and User Management.It has both encryption password and normal..You can check that too

Hi, Just bought your script, which is nice by the way. I thought that it would include password hashing such as BCRYPT for registration and login, but it does not.

Do you plan to include it in an update or can you help me with securing the login system?


This has no password encryption.I have one more script user management which has both simple and encrypted password.You can check that too..Thanks

Hi, can i use this script to be desktop login??

so user who wants to use my pc must login with this script, then they can use the pc and auto logout after 5 minutes..

Sorry this is not possible with this


the script is perfect and works funny,! Question: i will have a function if i can one page to have without a login integrated i a Login area.

Follow: we work with your script for a page ich you can upload Files. but the page to download the files have to see all users? ist it possible?

thanks in advanced

regards jochen

message me from my profile

No encryption for the password and using ((GET)) method, password appears in URL as plan text !!! not secure at all

Hello Ahmed.Could you please give me your email.So i can send you the updated files directly to your email.Thanks

Thanks for the update

Hi ahmed.could you please change the rating that you have given That rating is ruining my repo

is it updated now? is it still running on the GET globals???

Yes it is updated

It is not running on get

hello is a way i can add more php not only dashboard.php… i want to have more tabs not only one… can you help me?

Yes you can add more php..Message me

Hello sir. I love the script. I just need a few improvements please :) By any chance, could you add in password encryption and the POST function because with the files I downloaded, the GET function is still invoked.


midjam Purchased

Great script but I’m having some problems, try logging in it’s hard to explain :) https://www.securitytrained.co.uk

Could you please let me know the url where you have installed. I could not find it on the above url