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Hi, there! Do you still support the module? Is it working for the latest prestashop version?


Yes, our module is working on latest prestashop version.

Our module use the default function search of Prestashop. You can try check this in the search normal (don’t use the ajax).

It doesn´t work muntilingual. When i search i another language than Spanish , for example in english the sugerencies description comes in spanish no in english. Is it normal?


Please contact to: We will check it. Thank you!

It would have been absolutly perfect if you could press arrow down to pick search result without using your mouse.

Hi, default this module don’t use the keyboard arrow down.

HI there, cool module just having an issue, when I search and the results appear, the results push down all other content on my page opposed to being layered on top, page content is pushed down when results appear, could you kindly advise how I can correct this behaviour. Thanks!

Hello, you can contact us: We will help you to install module. Thank you!

Hello I tried by reference (demo v1) it displays all products instead of just dem_1? And even demo_5 first instead of demo_1

Presale Question: This module work in the las version of Prestashop? ( My website have this theme: Thanks

Yes, you can use this module on your theme. And this is our site: You can contact us to support:

hi, the module is not working throw SSL. Can fix it please??

Yes, you can contact us: We will help you. Thank you!

Does your module support prestashop?

If you want to use it on Prestashop 1.7.2 version, you can refer this theme: It take $50 for new module 1.7. Thank you!

Hello. I opened a ticket for suport and after 5 days I didn`t get any answer. Module is not working, I cannot see the search bar in my shop. My support ticket is 807173. Can someone help me please?


mluci Purchased

Do You offer support ?*

Hi there, i have just bought the module and install in my shop, but it’s not compatible with my module “Brand hide groups” and show to customer every items even if they are not allowed to see it. Is possible to have the refund? Can’t use it..