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Hello friend!

I have a website where I have two images that are in / images/image1.jpg and / images/image2.jpg.

I need to change them every week, and I do not access the ftp filezilla.

This script allows to upload these images to a folder set to this and replace them?

thank you Raphael

With this script you also can to replace images with the same name… At this moment the script doesn’t replace it for security reason, but If you need you can remove / change the code to replace them…

Is there anyway of defining a variable file name?

eg. var thefilename = $(“filename”).val();


Best, Patrick.

Sure, you also need to define it on javascript to post it and to give it when you need…

Hi, I need to know if can upload 3 images in the same time BUT with the same ID like this:

in DB table <head> </head>
1 img1.jpg img2.jpg img3.jpg
and so on..sometimes one or two or three pics in the same time with the same id per upload.

You can make three copies of the script, follow the same steps for installation and only change form / javascript ID

Some pictures can’t be uploaded, no errors is given expect “upload failed” or something. Is this is a xampp erorr? I’m gonna move to IIS when production is finnished. Can I expect this to work, or is it something wrong in your code? I can upload the same pictures on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Hi , i have the following requirement: i have a dinamic form that could register differents members of a family, including uploading personal picture, and id. i need to upload one file at once and after file is in server i need to rename it and insert into mysql database info regarding the path , could i adapt this app to cover my requirement?

I get some pics Server Error 500


I m facing probleme to integrate your script in an existing form with many other fields . it works fine if I put the form alone, but if I integrate it witth my other fields in my form I have a probleme whith the “form.submit()” . Have you got any solution with this ?

Thanks in advance,


I was ready to hit the purchase button when I noticed you haven’t answered any questions for a month…. I need someone who is more active in answering questions…. :(

Running this locally with XAMPP. I have the script working (sort of). It writes to the MySQL database, but I cannot get the images to save in the proper folder.

under “upload.php” i have:
$script_location = “http://localhost/testsite/uploads/”;
$maxlimit = 6291456;
$folder = “images”;

Those are the only “locations” and sizes that I have revised. Am I missing something here?

FYI, its not a XAMPP permissions issue because I downloaded a different uploader and it saves images to folders.

Please help


Hi. Is it possible to have perfect square cropped thumbs ?

Keep the aspect ration but cropped (cut off to make it square). Not stretched.


Is there any way to submit the custom filename for each image? and also the system will check the name is available for upload and stop upload image if not available.

Hello your script is it updated? Thank you for your reply

Does this crop the image on any size or always keep the aspect ratio?


Hello, i have a question about insert database :

is it possible to make an sql insert in a custom table when you upload a file instead of the originally set table ?


can you help me upload and sent it to hidden form ( like upload user avatar or product thumbnail )

i want it don’t automatic upload the image but include image name to a input text field

Updated script location and db details, but not working.. No errors, script just doesn’t do anything.

Hi. Is it possible to have perfect square cropped thumbs ?

Keep the aspect ration but cropped (cut off to make it square). Not stretched.

I am using the form within another form and the issue is that if the image is uploaded it also changed the originals form action to the upload script. Is there a way to add the filename to a hidden value within the original form and to make sure the form action is not changed for the original form after the thumb shows?

Hi, Can we do a bulk upload?


I Have a error message :

Deprecated: mysql_query(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/geekpara/pixelshack/upload.php on line 237

Warning: mysql_query(): No such file or directory in /home/geekpara/pixelshack/upload.php on line 237

Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/geekpara/pixelshack/upload.php on line 237

Can you help me to solve.