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Nice work GLWS :)

fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Too many similar and boring scripts. Add some swag on this baby.

1. Make it multiple image uploader.

2. Make it easy to connect with MySQL and add image info in a table.

That’s what most people are looking for. A little extra swag baby, some swag :)

hello! i need a site idem KN3.NET. - MULTIPLE FILES - BBCODE CODES - Simple page in each image (ex Using PHP and MySQL. Can you do that??


Can you please explain more clear, i checked demo but not understand.
1) Resize / Downsample Image
Dont know it work, how downsample image?
Is it resize like this?

2) Drag and Drop Image Upload
I only see click upload, dont see how to drap/drop

3) Security
Please explain more clear.


1. You upload lets 1mb 1920×1080 and you set the script to autoresize to 960px it will resize to 960px reducing also the size, and this also answers (3.) because the image is copied as image to the server via canvas, no type restrictions or something just images.
2. Just drag and drop your file inside the border.

Great! GLWS!

I am looking for a good image resize tool, means MB to KB with good image quality like facebook image upload and compress method

Please confirm this tool will work for me. and it should be work with PHP 5.x to 7.x

Thanks Rineesh

This tool provides you great quality with hability to choose sizing. Try the demo and see. All images uploaded on the demo are recreated to 960px, all the process is done on the client side and it gets uploaded after resizes.