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Hi would like to check the following before buying

I am looking for a multi-step ajax form to use for a wordpress website The most important thing is that the subsequent questions would pull out the answers filled in the previous question For example: i would like the following 3 steps:

What is your name: Answer: Jon

Hi Jon, nice to meet you. What email address shall we send this to: Answer: ....@gmail.com

So you can see the next question uses the answer from the first question.

Would it be possible to do that with your plugin?

I have just finished the WordPress version it’s still being verified but I have tested and it’s available if your interested

What does this line <iframe width='1' height='1' frameborder='0' src='https://www.whiteboxin.com/rd/ipx.php?hid={utm_source}&sid=2528&transid=&ate=22'></iframe> at post.php do ? I’ve been getting no response from this domain WHITEBOXING.COM Should I delete it from my code?

Just delete it ano check if your domain is not under compromise

each time i try to integrate your form to my theme..it messes up the entire site. It adds another color and distrupt the layout

Sure just goto edit plugin and turn off any styles that are affecting your theme

Hi, I got a few question before I purchase.

1. Do you use bootstrap? 2. Is it completely responsive? 3. Do the informations are saved in a database at each step?

Thanks in advance!