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Hi would like to check the following before buying

I am looking for a multi-step ajax form to use for a wordpress website The most important thing is that the subsequent questions would pull out the answers filled in the previous question For example: i would like the following 3 steps:

What is your name: Answer: Jon

Hi Jon, nice to meet you. What email address shall we send this to: Answer: ....@gmail.com

So you can see the next question uses the answer from the first question.

Would it be possible to do that with your plugin?

I have just finished the WordPress version it’s still being verified but I have tested and it’s available if your interested


tborges Purchased

What does this line <iframe width='1' height='1' frameborder='0' src='https://www.whiteboxin.com/rd/ipx.php?hid={utm_source}&sid=2528&transid=&ate=22'></iframe> at post.php do ? I’ve been getting no response from this domain WHITEBOXING.COM Should I delete it from my code?