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Unable to add event?

To add event you need to make sure you have:
  1. Created a connection to the database (connection.php file)
  2. Imported the calendar.sql to the database
If you are unable to add event after these steps:
  1. Make sure your calendar table have 12 fields (unified database included) – Make sure you have the latest copy updated on 4 November 14 if you got it prior to that date

How to get google calendar working?

This is based on fullcalendar 1.X, so you need to update the gcal.js to this file here:

and update the code from jquery.calendar.js on line 227 to this one:

eventSources: [
        url: opt.ajaxJsonFetch, 
        allDayDefault: false
        googleCalendarApiKey: '<API HERE>',
        googleCalendarId: '<ID HERE>' 

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