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Why I am unable to import events?

If you are having issues importing on your server, make sure the ‘includes’ folder is writable.

How do I see the week view or the day view when calendar loads instead of month view?

By default the jquery option


is set to month e.g:
defaultView: 'month'
  • Week:
    defaultView: 'basicWeek'
    defaultView: 'agendaWeek'
  • Day:
    defaultView: 'basicDay'

How do I use the 12H format?

By default the calendar is set to 24H format, if you need to change this options use the jquery option:


  • 12H Format:
    timeFormat: 'h:mm'
  • 12H Format with AM/PM:
    timeFormat: 'h(:mm)t'

Currently these settings only work for Week and Day View.

How do I add custom fields?

To add custom fields to the calendar, use this builder that will generate the code to construct the fields, or you can manually edit the form.json file using this structure:

    "dataType": "dataType",
    "class": "class",
    "fields" : 
            "fieldLabel": "fieldInstruction",
  • dataType: the input type for the field, allows: input,input-upload,select,radio,checkbox,textarea
  • class: the class for the input
  • fields: multiple fields for the same input group
  • fieldLabel: the html field label
  • fieldInstruction: the instructions for the system to recognize

To build fieldInstructions according to the dataType you need to follow this instruction:

  • <name> For HTML name tag
  • ~placeholder~ For HTML placeholder tag
  • values{a,b,c} For HTML option values tag
  • labels(A, B, C) For HTML option tag
  • *tablename*  For a table name on the same database
  • #name# For the column of the table
  • +file+ For the HTML input file. Only one input file and the system handles the upload process itself.

And you can build the instruction set as this:

pullFrom-options-name-<reads>-values{book,ebook,article}-labels(Book, eBook, Article)

*You might have a look at the generated or existing configuration so you can have a see how its done.

How to I make Monday as first day of the week?

To use Monday as first day of the week, you have the ‘firstDay’ option, where you can set it to value 1 for Monday and 0 for Sunday.


'firstDay': 1

How do I change the order of the week days?

To change the order of the week day you have the ‘firstDay’ option, where you can set it to values from 0 – 6, depending when you want the week to start.


If you want the order: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun set a value of 1;

If you want the order: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon set a value of 2;

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