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Unfortunately this does NOT have google calendar. And if it does the documentation is incomplete.

Hello. It does have google calendar. I will make a way to make most of it available, if you want something you can mail me and I will explain. you have someting like this one in codeigniter?


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Hi Paulo ! Thanks for your work. Really impressive. It is possible to set the height of the calendar to avoid a double scrollbar ( one in the container and one inside the calendar)?I would like to keep a scrollbar inside the calendar in class=”fc-scroller fc-time-grid-container” but not in my main container. Thanks a lot again.

Hello. I am not seeing double scrollbar. E-mail me screenshots so I can see your side.


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Ok. How can i send you screenshots ? Can’t find your email. Thank you.

Hi, can you please email me what i need to do to be able to understand and use custom fields. Is there a demo i can see?

Regards Alan

Hello. Check this: for custom fields, if you still have any questions email me.

Hi i have noticed that your category does not work correctly. For example on your demo if i create a new event and save it, it saves ok but when I go back into the event to edit it, it does not show the value i had selected in the Category dropdown when i saved it. It always shows the first option in the select list. I need this to work as i have a couple of select lists in my form and none of them work as they should.

Please can you help?


Hello. Please check support email.

Can you provide the change log so that we know what’s the new?

Performance, loading indicator and support for glyphicons on title.


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^ +1 on that comment. It’s not ideal to get a notification that the software has been updated with no information as to whether it was a critical update or something trivial.

After the update is approved on the product page will be info about the update, it can’t be before update being approved. Overall is a performance update and support for glyphicons on title


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On the changelog I see:

Safe files to be updated (v3.1)

You can safely update: - css/bootstrap.css - css/fullcalendar.css - css/fullcalendar.print.css - css/style.css - includes/calendar.php - includes/formatter.php - index.php - js/bootstrap.js - js/gcal.js - js/jquery.calendar.js - js/locale-all.js - lib/moment.js - fonts

In case you have modified some of these files, you have to look for (also compare these files):

- css/style.css – Added loading styles

- includes/calendar.php – added icon support to json_transform() – removed a code from _construct -

- includes/formatter.php – Added bootstrap icons support via bbcode

- index.php – Added loading div

- js/jquery.calendar.js – Added loadingSelector – Added loading method – Added icons_title (Bootstrap Icon support to titles) – Improved UX for select method

By the way the changelog dates are incorrect.


Is a human mistake, and is just a date for reference!


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Yes Paulo. I just posted it for who was inquiring about the changelog

Hi. How do I stop users from dragging/dropping the event to a new date? I searched through the comments, but the only applicable comment is from three years ago.

Also, what is the suggested method for overriding the onclick events for the calendar elements?

Sorry for the delayed response. Were you able to limit the dragging/dropping function in the latest version?

I’d like the onclick event to link to a page that shows more details on the booking and that allows particular users to edit the booking.

What do you mean by limit the drag/drop? Now you can disable and enable those features. External url was part of core I dropped support on earlier versions, will re-add it as an option.

I meant essentially what you said: disable/enable. I’ll check out the new version to see how it’s implemented.

we are working on a project mainly have calendar design as admin panel in that we are created the event and then submitted all the data are inserted correctly but i am getting an error message (Failed to edit event,Failed to delete event).hereby i attached my link ( please go-through it and ping me back. I am waiting for your response, its an urge . Thanks

Check mail. The title field you removed is part of the core.

Hello, does this support the fullcalendar Scheduler add-on?

Hello. No

Hello! I’m quite interested in your plugin. Before I buy I need some info. My scenario is -> An admin must update the calendar …. the same calendar must be only visible by users via website. Can I easily achieve this using your plugin?


Better see the demo and decide on your own.

Hi Paolo! Thx for the fast reply. Where Can I see the demo of “admin panel” (as reported on pluing features page) ?