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Great calendar! if i create an event is there an alert when event starts

By default no, but a custom work can do.

Hey, very nice job … Im trying to get 30min in the AxisFormat… But no matter how hard I try , Im unable to get the Axis to display 30min…... only the 1hour is displayd

Im using the simple version.

I’ve gone through all the documentations of fullcalendar but does not work..

I have setup a ,, and everything works great there…. So that indicates that some other js files are interupting or my server is interupting…. But likely there is some other js changing things…..

Only way I can make the 30min display is to give it slotDuration: “00:30:01”, But that just gives me troubles when client is draging event around…. it will change the meeting from 08:00 to 07:59 when dragging up..

Can you have a look at the simple version on your end and tell me if you can get the HH:mm format with 30minutes interval on the left axis… displaying the text 08:00 – 08:30 – 09:00 etc etc etc ?

I see that CarlosFabo asked the same question 1year ago and didnt get a reply :-)

It is working as it should. When you drag on week view its updated according the slotDuration, you might leave it as is and add this slotLabelInterval: 30 to the core, and if you want to have that format without (pm) just use: axisFormat: ‘H(:mm)’ or axisFormat: ‘H:mm’

Hi. Can I filter the events by sending parameters in URL?. Something like


Thanks a lot.

Hi. you can`t. Everything ajax.

OK. Thanks. Where can I change/create the categories?

You already have categories there. Open connection.php file and insert some categories there, and you will be able to filter by any category.

Hi. How and where can I translate the script? At least the front-end. I need to translate the days of the week, names of the months, the month-week-day-list view button and any other visible text.

Thanks a lot.

For spanish just use this jquery option: lang: ‘en’, make sure the lang-all.js is included

One more time, can you please be more specific? You have hundreds of files. Can you tell me exactly the code line I have to add and exactly in what file I have to add it?

Please specify the code lines I have to add so I just copy and paste them. And tell me in what file I have to paste them.


on the main index.php file at the bottom, you already have lang: ‘en’ there, change to lang: ‘es’

hi, does anyone know if this script is php 7.0 compatible?

Are you having issues using it with PHP7?

Hello! Great script! A question… is it possibile to add annual recursive? Thanks

I might help you on the process, post a request using the buyer dashboard.

Hello, I have sent to you the request. Is it possible to set agenda view as shown here: Thanks

Only with custom work

Was looking for a very simple calendar and this looked like the ticket. Problem is, I want to use the Admin Demo1 as the only page and I’m running into a few problems…

- Password encryption uses the long depricated SHA1 hash that can be broken is under a second (can’t be considered secure by any definition) - I can easily create events manually and I can export the ics file no problem. The ics file can be imported into MS Outlook calendar so I know it’s a good file. However when I delete all the events in the Ajax calendar and try to import the ics content copied from Notepad++, all I get is a blank message from the server and nothing is imported.

Can you help me figure out why the import isn’t working at all (no matter which version of demo I use) and how to convert to a more current password encryption method like sha-512 or bcrypt?

The Import does work, it was fixed long ago. I just did not work on the live server because I did not do the changes when it was published.

If you are having issues importing on your server, make sure ‘includes’ folder is writable.

Thanks that did it.

Hi, i have a question before i buy this script…

So i want to create custom fields, let’s say i want to have fields for:

Price (Textbox) Place: (dropdown list) Status: (dropdown list)

i want to make a sum of the prices for each day for example, and get a final result somewhere at the end of the calendar, is this possible? i mean would it be so much complicated to add custom fields to the calendar? and send this data to the db in order to save it?

Hello, this one does not do calculations, but you might do that with a custom work. Or try this one to see.

That looks better, thanks for the suggestion!

Is there any background events available on the plugin For eg:- We have an option such that we can create specific slots from back end and that needs to be labeled in the existing calendar with all other existing options.

Please help me out I am facing issues in configuring in my codeigniter website

This is being discussed over support.

Hello ValidRange does not work. How can I solve the problem?

Hello – Is it possible to link the calendar monthly view to a .ics URL instead of having to import the .ics file? I was just looking for a .ics viewer with no edit functions that displays a monthly calendar view of the .ics url.


f-core Purchased

Hi, I bought your app just a moment ago, and during first test I found a bug (or not?), please check it out.

Let’s assume: 1. We added recurring event: 3x from now, every_day, 7:00 – 15:00 (Mon, Tue, Wed) 2. Then we delete second one (middle one – Tue) event. 3. Then please try to move by mouse drag&drop the other two related events (Mon, Wed) some days to the right on calendar, then it loses its form and the empty space between first and third day. 4. Finally new recurring event is created instead (it starts on the place where you droped recurring events, and events are inserted one by one, day by day to the right from this place).

I think the only correct solution (as on eg. Google Calendar), is to move these recurring events, without loosing it’s shape (empty days between).

Please let me know if it’s a bug in this case, or intended solution.

Thank you!

This was the intended solution at the time, due to the nature of the core, this was the implementation to make recurring events. So, moving does work as if you were creating again, and you have the ability to modify each one of them without affecting others.


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Ok, thank you for your quick answer.

In loader.php, I use my own session file to get the user_id of the current user that is logged in to our store. In the calendar I only want to show this user’s events.

In loader.php, I have tried setting the user_id session using the code below, but does not do the trick:

$_SESSION[‘condition’] = “user_id = ’”.(int)$customer_id.”’”;

So, what should I do in order to only show this users events?

Your issue was answered over support.


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Why on the month view, if the event starts on Monday, and ends on Tuesday is marked on the calendar only on Monday’s day block?

I noticed that if the event end’s time is set over or equal to 09:00 hour then the event extends on Tuesday too (is streched over both days), but if the event ends before 9:00 hour, then it’s visiable only on Monday. It can be very confusing, because then it’s look like the event starts and ends on the same day. Could you please take a look at this?

SOLVED: I solved the problem by using nextDayThreshold: “00:00:00” parameter.

How add button “add Events” like v1 version?

You have submitted queries via support. If you still want to know more about this, submit a new one.

is it possible to use it as a simple interface on existing application / datas? and to capture events for my own application updates?

Still not get it exactly.


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Hey, I’m using your script for a couple of years now. I notice it is getting slow because of so many events in my calendar now. Is there any way to change the amount of loaded events in the json request?

Hello, I will look at this. By default its supposed to just load 1-3 months.


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Hello, It looks great but after manual install i cant guess the default password for “demouser”..


kimaaa Purchased

Is there a easy way to edit/add dates on mobile with the ‘touchstart’ and not only with click?

You mean quick add event? The touchstart is there, you need to hold it on a date afew seconds and drag, not swipe over the dates.

You mean quick add event? The touchstart is there, you need to hold it on a date afew seconds and drag, not swipe over the dates.

Great script! Unfortunately I have problems with the paths during the integration. I have tried different constellations. Everything works well except for saving entries. The error message: Failed To Add Event. I already know the link: