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Why is google maps included in the script?

So you can embed google maps, you can also remove it.


materix Purchased

How can I embed google maps into a calendar?

You can embed google maps by using this shortcode [lat=0]


colinod Purchased

I have a fully working calendar now testing and have two custom fields added using the form.json file.

My calendar uses multiple languages depending on what language the site that holds the calendar is being viewed in.

I cannot find out how to get translated text for my custom fields into calendar.

It looks like the title of the field when the event is viewed is comeing from the field name in the database, if i change the field name the title in the event view changes???

Surely this is not correct and i must be able to change the title in the event view somehow



colinod Purchased

I am also trying to limit weeks shown to current month only and not 6 rows. have looked at the fixedWeekCount from full calendar but it does not work?

For the custom fields, right now there is no easy way to translate it. For the fixedWeekCount I will add that option on next update, but you can also easily add it on jquery.calendar.js directly to the fullcalendar as this uses the fullcalendar core.

Presales Question. Right now version is 3.0.1.

So if i buy this codecanyon item, will be it be upgraded to fullcalendar 3.0.1 version in next updates, or will there be a new item on codecanyon for new version.


No, you will have future updates, the version 2 has nothing to do with the core of fullcalendar, but with this custom calendar.

have you a real AJAX versión ? I bought this. but all is on .PHP and less Ajax. :/

Real ajax?


Thanks for this plugin.

I just have a problem with the import tool. If I try to copy/paste an ICS file (I even tried with the template present in the plugin), I receive an alert box which is empty. And nothing happen.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, we are discussing this over email, still waiting for your feedback.


motorco Purchased

My Demo1 is working, except it is not rendering multi-day events. They are in the database, but do not get displayed in the calendar. Single day events do get rendered. Any clue where I should look to solve this? Thx

Hello, your question was answered over email, please keep the support there so we can keep track of it.


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How do i add the “Today” button to the header of the clendar?

Hello, does this issue persist? Only by additing some parts of the code, email so I can guide on the process.

localhost says: failed to add event how can I fix this

Connection is well it’s working on the server but can’t working on the local computer windows 10 maybe you have any idea why I would like to test it on my local computer help me please if it’s possible. Thank you very much

Doesn’t work only insert New events if events on the database already, I can delete and update

Post your issue from the buyer dashboard: so we can see this well. There are steps I want you to do.

Hi, i sue this calendar on ipad. It don’t read click on day but the version in instead work very well. Why’ and how can i solve it?

Hello, will look into this, will be fixed on the upcoming new version.

Hi, i sue this calendar on ipad. It don’t read click on day but the version in instead work very well. Why’ and how can i solve it?

Hello, will look into this, will be fixed on the upcoming new version.


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Hello, i search where i can give as parameter the category on the load of the calendar. I use the calendar on a CRM custom made and when i come on the page for the meeting i want load the meeting for the user connected. I can give a ID or other parameter for linked the meeting to the user connected but i can’t found the method for that. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.

Post your issue here: and explain it.

How can I change my user password, in phpMyAdmin it is encrypted. Thanks

On admin panel you can add new user and discard this demo user.

Very NICE… is there a Front End … user Event REGISTER feature?

Hope you find time to answer the question

What do you mean? You can add events after login, or you can also add events without login.


fwelter Purchased

Hi Pauloreg, I meet a problem with a Ipad. When i click on a day to add a event. Nothing appear but on a laptop no problem :-$ Have you already meet this problem ? I think it’s a onclick or whatever like this that not run, but i prefere ask to you.Thanks in advance for your response.

Post your issue here: and provide live url for testing

Hey Paulo, really nice Calendar you got there! Could you help me set it up in a postgre (pgsql) database if I purchase it?

Right now it is embed with mysqli. A work is in progress to separate the database connections to the classes.

Does this capable of reading my information from Google Calendar just like the recently shut down web based Sunrise Calendar? I wanted a minimalistic simple uncluttered calendar because Google Calendar’s interface is horribly cluttered and bloated. I use Google Calendar for my backend as it syncs across all devices and all apps including mobile apps.

Yes, you just need to fill in some options to connect this calendar to google calendar.

How to make a select from a table relating to save the ID and display the name. I have a client table, fields: id, first and last name. I want to show the full name in the select and in the field to make sure its id on save.

Hello, send a message to the support through Buyer Dashboard, and briefly explain what you want to achieve.

How easy is to integrate it on my php web app? Can I see the documentation first?

Try to read this: and see if it helps.

Hi, could you point me to a concrete example in the demos of accessing a gcal? I’m having trouble finding where to input the gcal id/url.

Thank you!

I did not put enough effort on the google calendar version (since there were no enough suggestions on it), some things needed to be polished. You can check both calendars here: