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Yeah, I defnitely CHMOD that folder and I didn’t touch any HTML elements. I simply just copied and pasted. I don’t know what else I’m doing wrong.

For some reasons the other jQuery-powered tools you are using on that site are conflicting with the others. The only jQuery thing I see working fine is the slider you have at the top, all the rest is not working. First of all you should try to reorder your elements. Then you should try to disable one or more of those jQuery tools you have and understand which one is causing the issue. This is what Firebug reports:
$ is not defined
$(document).ready(function() { 
It means the jQuery library is not working properly because something is conflicting.

Let me know. If you cannot solve the issue please send me an email at . I will give you an help understanding which of your jQuery tools is creating this issue. Thanks

5 stars for Yobi. He went above and beyond for technical support. And yeah, great script too ;)

Thank you so much!

Hey there, beautiful script. I’m not a pro coder, although I do know my way around html, understand the basics of PHP .

Will I have trouble changing the css to fit a facebook page? (520 width)

Is it something you can do for me, or give me instructions? (I’m asking because my previous efforts with css have proven that i tend to mess the code up)

thank you

Thank you very much. Please send me an email at and I will try to give you an help doing this. Thanks!

hallo YobiLab very nice form!! works great. the only problem i have is that my language is greek and when i get email i cant read it, can you tell me how to change to utf8 so it accept greek words? like (???? ???) thanks a lot.

Please contact us by mail at We will give you some directions to edit your code. Thanks


Great work! I just purchased it and following your guide did few additions and style changes to accommodate my requirements. It worked fine with no serious problems apart from few caused by my inexperience. I would like to ask if it would be possible to further change the way Geolocation works: instead of getting info from the user’s ip address, the google map to show the location only AFTER the user inputs full address in the LOCATION filed! Is it possible? And if that is out of the expected support range, as I would assume, can you at least give an advice or a link?

Thanks in advance!

It will require a jQuery change in the script. There is no a simple way to do it as you may imagine. There is also another problem. If the user does not enter the right info about the address, then Google map won’t be able to show the right address, and it could cause an error. This is the main problem in letting the user doing it. We will try to sort it out, because some other people have requested such option. Thanks for the advise.

Hello, can we let the user chose their location manually? or the location is only available automatically? sometimes the automatic location is not exactly, and will be usefull to let the user update manualy the hotspot on the map by drag and drop, is this posible? will be an awsome feature

thanks you

Hello, i already find the way to doit, if i show you the code can you please add the feature to the form?

Please contact me at


I second aspcorpo’s wish. I live in South America and Google maps is not always correct. It would be great if the script would detect the persons location, but then the user can pick up the map pointer and place it in the correct spot.

See example (click on localizer button)

Please keep us updated if this is possible in a future release and thanks for the great script.



we will consider this option. thanks

Big big problem to create a folder

Hey, first- it’s a nice work- thanks.

so my probleme ist (i work 2 days on in it) :

i want that “uploadify” create for each upload a new folder . i mean when somebody start a upload, “uploadyfiy” create a folder (in the main uploadfolder) with the file in it.

I trie everything- but it don’t works.

my problem is also i am a beginner.

so i hope everyone can help me please.

(sorry about my english- came from Germany)

replied by mail

Hi. I purchased this item but i need some changes like I want to submit the form after uploading the file. If there is no file it should not submit the form, and i need a file download link in the email. Please help me to solve these problems.


Hello. It will require some custom modifications. The code is Open, you can apply those changes or have a jQuery developer doing it for you.

Thank you

hi, i want to buy but i have a question , this script support add fields?

i need a select box and 8 fields addicionals,its possible?

Only with a custom modification.


Hi. Looking to buy as I have to create a booking form and its a bit over my head. This looks great and I’m guessing I can mod it myself.

One important function that you might advise on is if I can easily edit this to allow the user to position the map marker themselves.

I also looked into autocomplete integration, and there’s a way:

I’m not expecting you to do the work for me, only advise if its possible. Thanks so much.


Thanks for the advise.

Can the uploaded files be sent as an email link or attachment?

No at the moment.


hi, to send email is problem.changed contact_lib/config.php $mailTo = “”; to real email address but couldnt take any email.Also its connecting sent a copy my email to somebody? thx..

Hi, Your demo page gives a 404.


i’d like to buy your form but your demo is not working!


Any chance this plugin will allow users to submit their location and show all submitted locations as a marker on a map?

can i using this form with wordpress ?

Is this script still supported?

Stil lalive??? I need this but it looks really old …