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Can this offer file editor? To edit any php/txt/html/js/css file? Thanks ;)

Currently, it does not provide any editor. It only provides clients a way to view/upload/delete files.

hey there dilab;) great work you done on this one! i have a question… can this be easy integrated into some rich-text-editor like tinyMCE? so that people can upload images and then insert them in their text

Good luck on sales anyways! ;)



To integrate tinyMCE, it requires some extra efforts.

hi, looks interesting. If i have like 100 files in the folder will it list all same time or there is a pager as well? Thanks

It will be list on one page with a scroll bar.

Hi, for webcam site i have a lot of folders dd—mm-yyyy with inside dd-mm folders and the webcam-dd-mm-yyyy.jpg pictures. can this script scan fodlers and sort or auto-scan folder’s and webcam-dd-mm-yyyy.jpg pictures name ? Thanks

Yes, it will auto display those folders and files. But currently it does not do any sorting.

Great work , a nice addition to the crud gen file. But I wonder why the uploadify multiple select was disabled for this? I guess there are some issues with mulltiple upload and ajax/jquery ui? It would be a useful feature, aside from that a great file. I look forward to seeing what future ideas you can come up with as they all look great.


I did not try to use multiple upload feature of Uploadify, So I am not sure if there is a problem.

If you have any good feature ideas, do let me know.

nice work! Before buying I need to know if the script can:

1. allow uploading multiple file at once – multi select 2. IF the above is true, what happens when, say 10 out of 100 file uploads fail? Ideally I would want the script to say something like “10/100 files failed” and list the names of the files which failed.



Hi, Thanks.

Currently it does not support multiple file uploading.

I will add that feature in later release.

Wow, I guess if you’re comment isn’t what code canyon wants. it gets flagged. Good reviews only.

This script doesn’t detect existing directories and files. I tried for half an hour to get it to work. Another lesson learned i guess.

Detecting existing folders and files, and managing them are what Ajax File Manager all about.

Please point out what issues you encountered. any error messages?

I would like to help, please be patient.

I sent you an email to the address in the install guide, but no reply.

I installed in a directory where there were files and other directories, but nothing shows up.

I uploaded files an they didn’t show up.

The function seems simple, so I don’t see much to configure or anything.

I was trying to use this for a client to make things simple, but I just uninstalled and went w/ Filezilla.

I won’t ask for a refund.

I think you have installation problem.

I sent you an email.


I wasn’t aware that this did not allow multiple file upload. I wanted to use this for a photography site with dozens of photos. Will take too long one by one.

I wish the developer would have stated this clearly in description.

There is a live demo.

I notice the price is now $9 for this app. I paid $11.

Please take a look at CodeCanyon pricing term.

this file manager can display html files? I am interested for manage my CSS , javascripts, jpg and HTML files in my computer, and share with my friends, can this application works for me?

excuse my english


I would recommend this script http://codecanyon.net/item/member-download/308869 for file sharing.

But they do not “display” file content.


Is there a reason it’s not listing any of the folders?

Can you be more specific about the issue?

I installed the files in an existing directory but it isn’t reflecting the existing files in there. I followed your instructions in the manual, but somehow, I can’t make it work. Help!

Hi Thanks for purchasing.

Please send us an email about the issue. Please provide a site link if possible.

Regards XD

Friend, I need a script to display images on my website, where I could select and open site folders that contain the pictures you want to see.

your preview does not work, so I wonder if your system does what I need and if you have some kind of control over the open iamegm, eg zoom, brightness etc.


The demo is working , You can check it out at http://www.the-di-lab.com/cc-demo/php/afm/

Unfortunately our app does not do image editing. It is a file management tool.

Regards, Xu


I have a script in an image folder and inside several subfolders, each of a person, has given way to restrict access for each person? example: if I install your script within a given folder, it just show me your content?

It will show what is in your folder. The demo is setup in a way for you to show how it works.

Regards, Xu

Is it possible to do “drag and drop” ? or can be to change by user ?


You are free to modify its code to allow “drag and drop”.

Regards, Xu