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live example?

Good work….

thank you

Hi, is the source code encrypted?

Is it easy for me to add a new field for the value so that the exported CSV has a new column with just the amount?

Thank you.


Or may be you can help to add this in? Cheers, Tony.

The source code is not encrypt but to add a new field you will need some knoledge about programing

Hi Paul,

I have already bought your fullCalendar and found this. I defined 4 categories of event in my calendar and wanted to display the total time spend on each event.

Is this compatible with your current calendar version, would it help?

Hello, I think that feature you can implement by yourself, but you will need alot of thinking and tries there.

Paul, If I buy this then I should understand how you get the totals and do something similar. I don’t think the Export is working?

I am confused now. You are talking about ajax full featured calendar here on a comment that belongs to ajax expense manager!

In appreciation of the nice job you did with Ajax Full Featured Calendar I’m buying this too. Thanks. I may need some help…

Paulo, Its strange, I bought the Expense Manager. Very similar to Calendar (as I would have expected). I add events with cost, the All Time Value and the Current Value update, but I can’t see ANY events. I verified that the data is stored in the DB,. Even if I go to events you have in the DB 9/16/13, 9/1/13 etc I dont see anything on the calendar…

My thought is to change sum_the_vie and the sum_all functions to get the corresponding durations. What do you think?

Hello, as you said, you are adding your events in January and September of 2013, we are on 2014, and for you to see the 2013 events you need to go back. The all time value would update and the and the current value will not update, it only updates for the current view.

Paul, things go weird, I rebooted and all work now.

Regarding the total times, I was trying to alter sum_the_view (calendar.php line 446) to calculate the sum of end-start times.

You already have the structure there for querying the period showing, I changed the query to include start, end.

All I have to do is add the times…

Your thoughts?

We already are discussing this on a comment of another product you made. E-mail me from my profile page so we can talk better about this.

sir is the demo supported the Mysqli ???

It is in mysqli

Export to CSV is not working. Once fixed, let me know so I can purchase the app.

On live demo its working fine.

No it’s not. The date and the category are not exporting.

Yes. I might consider updating it