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Good Product. I will buy it soon ;)

Sir,We are waiting for your kind purchase.

NIce work! Seems awesome! GLWS m8 ;)


good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks a lot..

Nice work mate :) wish you all the very best.

Thanks a lot..

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks a lot..

Supports any php script?

Yes it support php scripts

Nice product ;)


well.. i actually dont know how to code in php etc.. can you tell me? i just have to upload these files you provided and then it’ll work on my website.. does it needs any coding knowledge ?

sorry for my bad english :(

No need to khown php code. Just need to follow documentation. -Thanks-


I have a product in the ninth that I know the o Purchase Code by the client after it sees only that from the area DOWNLOADS !

Is there a way I create the market codes for my clients ?


Author can;t access or create client purchase code.You only can create api key to check client’s provided purchase code to check buyer status.. here: you can verify purchase code easily Thanks

Spa Green Team

The coding is very clean. Congratulations.

Thanks a lot….

Hi, what appened with ovoo?

wait we are upgrading features..

Dear Sir,

Ovoo is now available to buy.We are waiting for your kind purchase..

Purchase here:


Abdul Mannan

Spa Green Creative

not working tried with my purchase code

only works with the default one

I want to know can we check only our products? or other seller can also use it?

You can check only your product.

Nice script! Can you please update the code to the new api version so we can use it because the old api method is getting obsolete in the near .

Thanks for your kind suggestion..We will try to update this script soon..


ALIySEH Purchased

I can´t install this plugin in my WordPress.It tells me: “The package could not be decompressed. No plugins found. The installation of the plugin has failed”. What have I do?

Dear, This is not wordpress plugin.This scriptis writen by row php.So it is not supported by wordpress..


ALIySEH Purchased

Oh :/ So, can I get back my money or it`s imposible?

I never tell that it is a WordPress plugin…Anyway, you have already downloaded this script so we are sorry..

can i use it to check another authors purchase data?

Sorry.Cause need api to check purchase key..