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Good Product. I will buy it soon ;)

Sir,We are waiting for your kind purchase.

NIce work! Seems awesome! GLWS m8 ;)


good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks a lot..

Nice work mate :) wish you all the very best.

Thanks a lot..

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks a lot..

Supports any php script?

Yes it support php scripts

Nice product ;)


well.. i actually dont know how to code in php etc.. can you tell me? i just have to upload these files you provided and then it’ll work on my website.. does it needs any coding knowledge ?

sorry for my bad english :(

No need to khown php code. Just need to follow documentation. -Thanks-


I have a product in the ninth that I know the o Purchase Code by the client after it sees only that from the area DOWNLOADS !

Is there a way I create the market codes for my clients ?


Author can;t access or create client purchase code.You only can create api key to check client’s provided purchase code to check buyer status.. here: you can verify purchase code easily Thanks

Spa Green Team


oobenn Purchased

The coding is very clean. Congratulations.

Thanks a lot….

Hi, what appened with ovoo?

wait we are upgrading features..

not working tried with my purchase code

only works with the default one

I want to know can we check only our products? or other seller can also use it?

You can check only your product.