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App still not running – poor service!! I did not receive any response since 1 week.

On the same server I have PHPlist running without problems. I changed SMTP port settings to port “25”. Still no error messages – no newsletters be sent. Status message =”100% sent 1/1” even if there are more than 1 recipients.

Why don’t you care about your purchasers? Please go forth with solving this issue. Thanks!

2 Months ago and cybersphinx still didn’t responded my emails. This problem is caused because of wrong settings of his PHP host. I was trying to help him and he is not responding (for 2 months).

Script is fully working for everyone else, and altought i tried to solve this problem, user is not responding my emails.

That is wrong. The PHP host’s settings are okay as all other applications run perfectly (e.g. PHP list etc.).

bkral could not solve the problem. I had to send error logs, but unfortunately there were no. The app just doesn’t work on my servers. And I tried it on 3 different hosts!!

Sorry – that is fact!

There were no error logs because every hosting turn them off because of security reasons. I sent you snippet of code that turns logs on and gave you some tips that could help to find problems causing this. If you don’t want help with this, fine. But then, please, dont post comments like this. I was (and i still am) willing to help you but it seemed you didn’t want to.

Other PHP apps are irrelevant. Every PHP app can use different resources and different functions. Some of these may be disabled on your hosting or there may be some issues with version of your php. All i need from you are logs. I sent you a snippet + every hosting company should give their clients error logs (on FTP , SFTP..). When you give me these logs (and there must be some, because every error is in these logs and every problem should produce errors) i can help you. Otherwise it is not my fault.


I have the same problem of cybersphinx.

13 dollar for this service, really abuse !

pffff …

Why are you talking abour service? You just bought it few minutes before you wrote that. Sure i will help you to fix this problem, but you didn’t even asked yet. Do you even know what service mean? How can you say something like that without shame?

Anyway, i ask you for same thing as i asked cybersphinx – Can you give me error logs? I can’t help anyone without error logs. For me and other customers it works perfectly, so it is problem with you certain host settings. This script works and if it doesn’t work for you, it is problem with your host. I can edit this script for you for free, but not if i don’t know where the problem is. Every error must produce error logs. When you give them to me, i will fix it for you.

I will definitely help you but i can’t if i don’t have any error logs from you.

And next time please you could be a little more polite. You don’t pay for service, you pay for product. This product works. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for refund or ask me for help (and i am not required to help you, you paid for product not for service – but i am still willing to help you). Whatever you did was far from asking for help.

Item updated.

- Fixed very rare bug in DB settings that made some special non-latin characters don’t worked properly on some hostings.


I have not yet purchased this script and while reading the comments, as a Journalist but with a passion in HTML web design with PHP commercial scripts which I purchased, I understand the feelings and revolt of kjeldar and Cybersphinx. It’s their right as they have purchased your product and you are supposed to ensure a product that works and above all good customer service and one can understand why you have got till now only 14 purchases or (sales for you)

From www.phpjabbers.com to www,scriptsez.net, all has a very professional approach and won’t slurring at your clients like what you do with so much arrogance when you say, you are not obliged to provide service, this shows about your narrow parochial behaviour and poor customer service.

If you want to be respected, common sense dictates that, you show first respect.

I find your script though interesting and suitable for me and I am now afraid to get it following all the problems, the above persons have had and I don’t know what proof will I get for a refund as well as you would provide help in case, I come accross with some grit … problems?


At first, i am sorry if I seem arrogant. I can’t speak english very well and my dictionary is limited in some ways. I didn’t mean to be arrogant on impolite to anyone. With kjeldar specially i was talking this way because people just don’t behave this way.. Buy something and few minutes later they just say it sucks and autor is .. If I buy something and it doesn’t work for any reason i try to ask author what to do but i definitely wouldn’t say few minutes after purchase that all of this sucks and then do nothing about it.. He even didn’t responded and made absolutely no effort to make it work for him.. He didn’t even asked or anything. Just left this offensive comment and thats all.

Anyway, all other purchasers have absolutely no problem with this script. It works for me on 3 different hosts and other 11 purchasers had no problem. I say 11 because (except these two guys) one customer had problem. He (in fact she) contacted me that she has a problem and sent me a screenshot of it (http://bit.ly/urhd3v). Then she even gave me access to her host so i could fix that problem directly in her environment. In the end, it was fixed about 2 days after she contacted me. She was very satisfied with all – script and support. (this happed approx days ago)

So if this script fits for your needs, you can buy it and don’t afraid that i wouln’t help you in case that any problem appear. Just contact me with description of your problem and some stuff that helps me to locate the problem (screenshot, error message etc..) or best would be giving me temporary access to installation of this script at your host so i could take a look at it directly in your environment and i will definitely help you ;) If you won’t just say “It doesn’t work, this sucks.” and then ignore me i will be glad to help you with any problem ;)

I hope i answered your questions and if you have any other questions i will be glad to answer them.


Thanks very much indeed and I believe you and look forward to purchase the script


is there a possibility to turn of the wysiwyg editor and fill it with a static html form?

so the user only have to fill out the form and checkboxes?

i need a menu card with 7 forms for the client to fill it with the dishes from monday to sunday.


I don’t fully understand what you are asking about.

There is possibility to turn WYSIWYG editor off so you will be able to edit HTML source code. You can check this on following screenshot: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/5060/htmlj.jpg

Or if you are asking whether or not is it possible to replace WYSIWYG editor with some form and depending on content of this form newsletter is generated and sent, yes it is possible but it is not coded in this script. If you can code in PHP , this script is easy to understand and easy to edit so you can easily change it yourself or i will be glad to make it work this way for you for reasonable price.

I hope i answered your questions and if there is anything else i can help you with i will be glad to do so.

Best regards, BKral

i send you a email with my problem. Hope we can solve it :)

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with this script. When I send the email, all my styles break. For example, when I applied a color to the text, this is the code that was sent:

<span style="\"color:">Email body </span>

<styles> and paths get messed up. I can also reproduce this problem if I send the email with a subject line, and then the page refreshes. If I look at the HTML source of the email message at that point, I see the messed up code.

Can you please help? It is urgent that I get this working.

Thank you!

The problem is being solved through email.

Problem has been successfully solved.

is this script working correctly now? i see it has not be commented on since 3 months ago…I was interested until i read the comments…?


This scipt works correctly of course. It is still being sold (it is not more than a week from last copy sold) and noone contacted me with any problems. All problems anyone ever had has been solved (through email). Until now there were no refunds, all problems were successfully solved. If you are interested in trying this script, contact me through email and i will send you link with credentials to fully working copy for you to try it out.

You know, when there is a problem people post comments but if everything works as expected noone say anything because it is exactly what was expected (nothing to talk about – “i got what i paid for, no need to say anything..”). If you are still interested in buying this script then don’t worry to do so. I am here to help you (and any other customer) with any problems with this script that may appear.

Hello mate, all is OK, put the paths when i implements in the code are not good, i have put those “hard” php codes in my code, i paths are not good, i got function required_once php.mailer :(


I responded to your email. I will do my best to solve the problem with you.

Best regards, BKral

Problem solved within 24 hours.

Hello, this script look great. I just wonder can i add users/emails from database, or is it only from txt file?

Thank you.


Data import from database is not implemented in this script because every database is completely different (names of columns, encrypction etc..) and it would be extremly difficult to cover all possibilities.

Best regards,


OK, just to be clear, this script only reads the email list from txt file, not from database?

Thank you.

This script use MySQL database to store data.

The only way how to import many email adresses to the database at once is import from txt file. You can’t import any email adresses from any database you own. So for example if you ever used any other newsletter system and now you have MySQL database full of email addresses you can’t move them into this script directly.

Best regards,


OK, Thank you.

Firstly, I am experienced with PHP . To even get this script to run i am having to hard code change a SHED load of code.

Seriously bro, this script needs updating.

Even now i feel i have wasted money as it STILL doesn’t work..


Could you please specify what does not work for you? Do you meet requirements like magic_quotes disabled etc.? I got some positive feedback recently so the script is still working. Moreover you could have edited the script in a bad way so it may not work for you now after you changed it and that may be reason why it “STILL doesn’t work” for you.

First of all you should have contacted me and i would have looked at the problem and solved it as i did when any customer had a problem. Your attitude “this is crap, i wasted my money” won’t help anyone and it’s insulting me. If you don’t like the product and it doesn’t work for you you should have asked for refund or support in the first place.

The script is still working as people buy it.

Best regards,


I purchased this to give it a go as it’s the simplest newsletter system I could find – All works for me ….

Hello mate i have problem with newsletter, when i insert email in base i got something like this ?O??ZC??1?;>?????:? vk

What is the problem?

I think something in here or on server?? $encEmail = trim(mcrypt_encrypt(MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256, md5($name.$addData0.$name.$secretstring), $email, MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, $iv)); // encrypting email

When i insert trought ADMIN panel, all i ok :(

Hello, I have many problem, script no sending email ed have many error in editor for insert image….