AJAX EasyNewsletters

AJAX EasyNewsletters

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EasyNewsletters is fast, simple and powerful Newsletters system written in PHP. It’s able to send email to thousands of your clients.

  • Highly secured, password protected (encrytped sql data, SQLinject prevention, fake email prevention…)
  • WYSIWYG editor (+ HTML source code editor) = can write nice emails without any programming knowledge! Just like in MS Outlook!
  • Import thousands of emails from TXT file just in second!
  • Translation ready
  • Supports any language (all special characters) (including arabic, russian, chinese, czech and all the others)
  • Fast sending
  • AJAX sending with statusbar showing status of sending
  • Sends through SMTP server
  • Easy to implement to any webpage
  • Easy emails managment – You can remove emails easily and fastly!
  • User-friendly programmed – users can remove their email from database just clicking on their deactivation link (check screenshots)
  • UTF-8 coding
  • Easily editable code
  • Well documented with lot of pictures

See it in action (Demo)

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  • PHP 5+ (with MySQLi connector, magic quotes disabled)
  • MySQL 4+
  • Javascript enabled in your browser

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