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Can I use this to count how many times an image is clicked? I don’t have anything to download. I would just like to count and display the number of times that image is clicked

Yes you can. The plugin is not bound to downloads, but clicks.

I have a script that zips a directory and downloads that zip folder for the user, but the zip file doesnt exist until the user clicks download, meaning there actually isnt a path for this zip file so instead of tracking the link im looking for something that counts how many times the download button is pressed, can your script do this or will i need a link for it to track?

The counter actually counts the clicks, not the downloads. But to do this, it prevents the click event, stores the url of the clicked link, then makes the count and finally redirects to the stored link. So bear in mind that it might not work out of the box as it prevents the default click behaviour. It might conflict and might need some tweaks, it might not.

yeahh i came across this issue after purchasing, I have a download button that zips files from a directory when the button is clicked, but i also want to count those clicks, this is where the conflict comes,

also does the count result have to be on the same page as whats being clicked?

Hello, I need your help. I am trying to use the script with form. But it’s not working with <button> or <input> tag. I also change the script. maybe it is caused by ajax. I want to increase count, when user submitting the form. is it possible?

Hello! Can you send me the code you currently have to my email?

Absolute waste of time and money. Its not what is shown. You better be a hardcore coder to get your head around this. Firstly, the button is not part of the code (which it easily could have been). So you have to first code a button and then wrap the code around the button and then hope that the css does not clash with yours… etc etc…. And seller is no help! Stay away…

Naved, I’ll try to address your issues one by one, cause I think you are trying really hard to confuse others for no reason.

1. The plugin actually is what is being shown. It’s exactly 3 steps you need to follow to set it up and they are throughly documented on the following url:

2. The button is just an image and you can find many others online. The goal here is not to provide you with a template, but a functional download counter to use it and style it however you like. But in any case, I responded you instantly with the image and the css to achieve the exact same result. So, I don’t think that’s the issue here.

3. Styling a button is entirely up to you. Again, the plugin does not come with any kind of templates and it does not state otherwise, which means no CSS included. If you went ahead and added CSS that conflicts with other CSS, then this is a problem that you created in the first place.

4. Seller (me) responded instantly on all of your emails, which is a rare case to be honest. He helped you setup the plugin, provided you with the HTML and CSS to create the same button he has on his demo page and even refactored and fixed many bugs in your HTML code, which were not even related to the plugin.

And finally, if you are building a web page you should at least have a very very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS or at least the eager to put everything in order correctly. Otherwise the plugin will be just another piece on the page that doesn’t work.

Hi mspyratos , your demo it´s not working, i really wish to see it at work, downloads its empty

Hi! I just resolved the issue. Sorry about that…

Hello.Why you give a download click on the link displays two downloads

Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately I cannot upload a demo at the moment, so I have removed the link to the demo for now.

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