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I need to display a Business Balloon inside map, not just address from JS. How can this be done?

Please open script.js and go to line 72

the original code is:

Let’s say we just want to add the simple text “I love Codecanyon” to the marker. Remove address then add your words:
 marker.openInfoWindowHtml("I love Codecanyon"); 

it sppourt Html, below is a example showing address and your message in the same time:
 marker.openInfoWindowHtml(address+"<br />I love <strong>Codecanyon</strong>"); 

Can I place it under the submit button so it can be seen and how do I do it.

The div that contains the message is
<div class="notice_box" id="notice_box" />

You may move the whole div under the send button, so the code would look like:
notice box appear under submit button

<p><input name="submit" class="submit" type="submit" value="Send" /></p>
<div class="notice_box" name="notice_box" />

You may also apply an anchor so that when user clicks the send button, the page will then focus on the notice box.
notice box

<div class="notice_box" id="notice_box" name="notice_box" />

<p><input name="submit" class="submit" type="submit" value="Send" onClick="location.href='#notice_box'"/></p>